Sun.Feb 17, 2013

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Creating Great Characters in Fiction

The Alien Next Door

Normal. 0. false. false. false. EN-US. Fiction characters have a dramatic function and a role in advancing the plot and theme of your story.

After light bulbs now shower heads

Green (Living) Review

That is not democracy. That is fascism, pure and simple.

Recycling Plastic Bags and Bottles- a Few Easy Ways

Green Prophet

Recyclable plastics or wastes for the dump? The choice is ours. David de Rothschild (with red cap) on Plastiki plastic catamaran. sushi container.

Buying British Made

Green (Living) Review

Not every British company manufactures in Britain. Many, in fact, have their products made abroad under their brand. They are exactly the same.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of February 2013)

10,000 Birds

Birding tends to be an extremely freeform activity, demanding only we pursue our bliss to the best of our means and ability. How about you? 

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Waxwings and their kin: Meet the bombycillids

10,000 Birds

Waxwings and their relatives are a small, interesting group of songbirds that have seen some interesting taxonomic changes in the last few years.

What do we appreciate about Whole Foods? | elephant journal

Elephant Journal isn't your momma's blog: 1.3

Birding around Cossack

10,000 Birds

My feature picture shows the view from the lookout at Cossack that looks across to Jarman Island and the lighthouse is a significant historic landmark.

What's something about Whole Foods that could be Better.

Elephant Journal

Image by Joe Shlabotnick Okay: I'll only use reasons that are communicated respectfully and fairly and intelligently (can be big or small, simple

Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Landscape

Green Living Ideas

Improving your outside living area can be accomplished in many ways- without all that lawn to maintain ! beautiful garden.

Eco 1

A Meteor, UFO or Starlings? Check Out This Super Nature Show in Israel

Green Prophet

Without a television it was the perfect form of entertainment. But unless you had your head angled straight up to the sky, you’d miss them.

Check in with The Amazings and Learn Something New!

Green Living Ideas

The Amazings are, well… amazing! They offer classes, courses and wisdom from. elders with amazing life experience. – among many others.

Why Urban Farming is the Most Important Movement of our Time

The Green Changemakers

[link] The simple act of planting a garden can shape issues like economics, health, and politics at the same time because food is an essential focal point of human activity. As the urban farming movement grows, here are five ways that it will transform our world. 1. Renewed local economies. Environmental stewardship. focus on local politics.

Exciting New Solar Technologies

Green Living Ideas

As we know, much of the pollution we face in our daily lives is caused by using and abusing energy. In this article, we will take a look at some new methods of harnessing alternative energy in clever, unconventional ways. Solar Powered Vehicles. Though batteries are an option, they require charging time, add weight, and increase the cost.

Forward on Climate Rally


Their audience was really just one man, the only one with the power to stop the project: Barack Obama. “The time

A Bottom Line for the Carbon Tax


The EU prides itself to have established, in 2011, the European Union’s Emissions Trading System (ETS). But I argue it is also a failure.

Breeding Immorality


nce again this year, the Westminster Dog Show attracted millions of viewers eager to see which dog will garner the bluest of ribbons.

Climate Change is a real Economic Risk - World Bank President


These are not just risks. He said failing to tackle