Thu.Feb 14, 2013

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Vegan Dating 101 According to Alicia Silverstone


Tips from Alicia Silverstone on how to find that perfect vegan partner and maintain a healthy relationship.

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NASA Watches Underground Fresh Water Sea Vanish from the Middle East (VIDEO)

Green Prophet

Sound the alarms? Where has Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq’s underground freshwater sea gone? We already knew that the Dead Sea is shrinking.

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GOP Not in Kansas Anymore | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

New York City to Launch Pilot Curbside Composting Program


– how about Read More The post New York City to Launch Pilot Curbside Composting Program appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Government Watchdog Says Climate Change and Weird Weather.

Mother Jones

Every two years, the Government Accountability Office?the the independent agency charged with keeping an eye on how Congress spends our money?releases

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Deregulation May Not Have Lowered Air Fares After All | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

This era was sparked by the 1979 deregulation of the

All Moroccan Synagogues to be Renovated, Says King Mohammed VI

Green Prophet

Whereas 10,000 Jews called Fez home in early 1900, there are now thought to be only 3,000 Jews living in the entire country.

Kevin and Kyra Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Vegan Lunch


Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick celebrate Valentine's Day with vegan lunch at Peacefood Cafe in New York City. Read More The post Kevin and Kyra Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Vegan Lunch appeared first on Ecorazzi. Eats News Top News Vegan kevin bacon kyra sedgwick

Laugh Your Shorts off With Buster Keaton in San Francisco | Mother.

Mother Jones

Silence. Silence? From a roomful of six young children? Repeat. Across the room, I was trying to socialize with the

Moovit App Makes Public Transportation Easy and Fun

Green Prophet

Hit the jump to learn more about the app, how it works and more importantly, whether or not it is available in your city.

I Think Voldemort Has Put a Curse on SOTU Responses | Mother.

Mother Jones

Last week I wrote that everyone fails when it comes to delivering a reply to the State of the Union address. "My kid has a piano recital that

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Could Ethiopia’s Geothermal Exploration Relax Dam Plans?

Green Prophet

The bank has plans to spend an additional USD20 million at a later stage, The Guardian reports. Road construction to the site will also impact forests.”

WATCH: Joaquin Phoenix Is Drowning in New Pro Fish PETA Video


Longtime vegan and animal rights supporter Joaquin Phoenix used his Oscar worthy acting skills to make a statement about the brutal slaughter of fish.

Are You Doing The Great Backyard Bird Count This Weekend?

10,000 Birds

You really should participate in The Great Backyard Bird Count this coming weekend, 15-18 February 2013. What are you waiting for?

Too far to care

Environmental Economics

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The Big Dig Day – the biggest ever community gardening day

Green (Living) Review

200 gardens across England will be taking part. She had significant health problems in her childhood.

I and the Bird: What is a Falcon?

10,000 Birds

What is a falcon, really?  There was a time we thought we knew.  Laughing Falcon, photo by Renato Espinosa. Like falcons? Have we got a page for you. 

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Freeplay launches the ‘mother of all self-powered’ radios

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) London, February 2013: Ever bought a self-powered radio and been disappointed by its weedy performance? The internal 1.8

ESA Goes Clean Space

Green Home Blog

ESA Goes Clean Space. The European Space Agency (ESA) has created an initiative entitled Clean Space. Out of the Gate in 2015. Hollywood Junk.

Valentine’s Day Posts for Lovebirds

10,000 Birds

Happy Valentine’s Day, bird lovers and lovebirds alike!

Fat free, low fat and sugar free = chemical danger

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) When you see “FAT FREE”, “LOW FAT” and “SUGAR FREE” think – and pardon my language here – “Chemical S**t Storm”, for all those options are not healthy at all and are full of, often dangerous, chemicals. Margarine is rancid fat and actually very bad and butter is better by far. Guess they know what they are doing.

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Chocolate and Sustainable Living

Living Green & Saving Energy

Chocolate and green, sustainable living are two concepts that I have never put into the same sentence before. But an article in Grist by Deena Shanker on this very topic this morning caught my attention. You see, I love chocolate. With sugar. On top of desserts. With other flavors. The darker, the better. With the title [.].

"Friends of Hamas": World's Dumbest Front Group? | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

Apparently I missed the news that the latest right-wing conspiracy theory about Chuck Hagel is that he once received funding from an organization called "Friends of Hamas." " If you have a room temperature IQ, your first

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Let’s Get Sustainable

Environmental News Network

Family planning is an important topic when talking about the environment and climate change. Polyurethane is not biodegradable.

Looking Back at Yesterday's Climate Civil Disobedience - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

Allison Chin is the Sierra Club President.

Ecological Principles

The Green Changemakers

[link] Creating communities that are compatible with nature's processes for sustaining life requires basic ecological knowledge.

Top Car-Sharing Cities: The Infographic

Sightline Daily

There are 330 of them zipping around the city now. See the full car sharing infographic after the jump… Walk Score: Top 10 US car-sharing cities.

Living Green Values

The Green Changemakers

Rio+20 is a reference to the 20 years that have passed since the first UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio in 1992.

WATCH: Disabled Piglet Gets Wheelchair, New Lease on Life


A vet made a wheelchair out of toy parts for the one-pound piglet, who now adorably mobile. Animals Causes News Top News Video

10 Principles for Liveable High Density Cities: Lessons from Singapore

The Green Changemakers

The ideas and principles so generated were further developed, corroborated, and condensed into ten principles. Read the report. Phillips.

Turkish Conglomerate Plans Undersea Pipeline To Import Israeli Gas

Green Prophet

But will tense relations between the two countries allow the deal to proceed? Troubled history. Ramifications of the new pipeline. Image via Haaretz.

The Politics of Tech is Usually Pretty Simple | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

Whenever you read about some kind of political dispute over a tech issue, you should be aware that it's almost certainly really a fight among two or more of the following four groups: Telcos; Cable companies; Hollywood

Stupid Cupid Learns Valentine’s Day Middle East Style

Green Prophet

Simply scrawl some treacly verse on colored paper or splurge on an affordable mass-produced card, and a low-cost Lovefest for the masses was born.

The Five Ecoliteracy Practices

The Green Changemakers

[link] With a goal of nurturing students to become ecoliterate, the Center for Ecoliteracy has identified five vital practices that integrate emotional, social, and ecological intelligence. We work to inspire teachers to use a variety of learning opportunities that help students consider and apply these practices in a diverse range of contexts.