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Vegan Dating 101 According to Alicia Silverstone


Tips from Alicia Silverstone on how to find that perfect vegan partner and maintain a healthy relationship. Read More The post Vegan Dating 101 According to Alicia Silverstone appeared first on Ecorazzi. Healthy Living Lifestyle News Top News Vegan alicia silverstone

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NASA Watches Underground Fresh Water Sea Vanish from the Middle East (VIDEO)

Green Prophet

Sound the alarms? Where has Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq’s underground freshwater sea gone? NASA’s imaging technology recently brought some bad news about Mideast air pollution. Now NASA brings more bad news about the Mideast water supply. We already knew that the Dead Sea is shrinking.

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GOP Not in Kansas Anymore | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

Over at the New York Times Magazine, Robert Draper has a long piece about the woes of the Republican Party. A lot of it focuses on their inability to embrace the kind of technology favored by young people, but Ed Kilgore

New York City to Launch Pilot Curbside Composting Program


We already knew that Mayor Bloomberg would be proposing a ban on plastic foam food packaging during his final State of the City address – but boom! – how about Read More The post New York City to Launch Pilot Curbside Composting Program appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Government Watchdog Says Climate Change and Weird Weather.

Mother Jones

Every two years, the Government Accountability Office?the the independent agency charged with keeping an eye on how Congress spends our money?releases releases a list of programs and issues that present a high risk for fraud

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Deregulation May Not Have Lowered Air Fares After All | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

American Airlines has now officially announced its merger with US Airways, which brings to an end the era of massive consolidation in the domestic airline industry. This era was sparked by the 1979 deregulation of the

All Moroccan Synagogues to be Renovated, Says King Mohammed VI

Green Prophet

Morocco Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane, Mayor of Fez and Secretary General of Istiqlal Party Hamid Chabat, and security official at the inauguration of a restored synagogue in Fez.

Kevin and Kyra Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Vegan Lunch


Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick celebrate Valentine's Day with vegan lunch at Peacefood Cafe in New York City. Read More The post Kevin and Kyra Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Vegan Lunch appeared first on Ecorazzi. Eats News Top News Vegan kevin bacon kyra sedgwick

Laugh Your Shorts off With Buster Keaton in San Francisco | Mother.

Mother Jones

Silence. Silence? From a roomful of six young children? And then, without warning, peals of laughter and exclamations and a frenzy of competing comments. Repeat. Across the room, I was trying to socialize with the

Moovit App Makes Public Transportation Easy and Fun

Green Prophet

Israelis are not only clean tech startup masters but also – increasingly – big fans of public transportation , which is why Moovit makes such good sense.

I Think Voldemort Has Put a Curse on SOTU Responses | Mother.

Mother Jones

Last week I wrote that everyone fails when it comes to delivering a reply to the State of the Union address. "I would run, not walk, if party leaders asked me to give the SOTU response," I said. "My kid has a piano recital that

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Could Ethiopia’s Geothermal Exploration Relax Dam Plans?

Green Prophet

Given that 85 percent of the country’s residents lack access to electricity, it is no surprise that Ethiopia has pursued an aggressive hydropower plan.

WATCH: Joaquin Phoenix Is Drowning in New Pro Fish PETA Video


Longtime vegan and animal rights supporter Joaquin Phoenix used his Oscar worthy acting skills to make a statement about the brutal slaughter of fish. Read More The post WATCH: Joaquin Phoenix Is Drowning in New Pro Fish PETA Video appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Are You Doing The Great Backyard Bird Count This Weekend?

10,000 Birds

You really should participate in The Great Backyard Bird Count this coming weekend, 15-18 February 2013. It’s an excuse to look at birds, you can participate from anywhere in the world, and, for the first time, you can enter your data easily through eBird !

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Environmental Economics

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The Big Dig Day – the biggest ever community gardening day

Green (Living) Review

Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming today announced that 24 towns and cities have signed up to be part in the biggest ever community gardening volunteering day on 16 th March 2013. 200 gardens across England will be taking part.

I and the Bird: What is a Falcon?

10,000 Birds

What is a falcon, really? There was a time we thought we knew. Based on their physical attributes and lifestyle, falcons enjoyed a very long run as a founding member of the order Falconiformes, along with the rest of the diurnal raptor-y type birds like vultures and eagles and hawks and hawk-eagles.

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Freeplay launches the ‘mother of all self-powered’ radios

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) London, February 2013: Ever bought a self-powered radio and been disappointed by its weedy performance? Then the new Encore Player from Freeplay Energy will be right up your street.

ESA Goes Clean Space

Green Home Blog

ESA Goes Clean Space. The European Space Agency (ESA) has created an initiative entitled Clean Space. Its mission is to “reduce the environmental effect of Europe’s space activities, cutting waste and pollution on Earth and in orbit”.

Valentine’s Day Posts for Lovebirds

10,000 Birds

Happy Valentine’s Day, bird lovers and lovebirds alike! If you need something to get you in the mood (romantic or otherwise) today, allow us to suggest the sensual stylings from last year’s critically acclaimed Bird Love Week.

Fat free, low fat and sugar free = chemical danger

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) When you see “FAT FREE”, “LOW FAT” and “SUGAR FREE” think – and pardon my language here – “Chemical S**t Storm”, for all those options are not healthy at all and are full of, often dangerous, chemicals. According to studies our obesity epidemic may even be due to the low sugar and low fat foods that we are being told to be so good for us.

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Chocolate and Sustainable Living

Living Green & Saving Energy

Chocolate and green, sustainable living are two concepts that I have never put into the same sentence before. But an article in Grist by Deena Shanker on this very topic this morning caught my attention. You see, I love chocolate. With sugar. On top of desserts. With other flavors. The darker, the better. With the title [.]. chocolate organic food sustainability Chocolate sustainable chocolate production

"Friends of Hamas": World's Dumbest Front Group? | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

Apparently I missed the news that the latest right-wing conspiracy theory about Chuck Hagel is that he once received funding from an organization called "Friends of Hamas." " If you have a room temperature IQ, your first

Let’s Get Sustainable

Environmental News Network

Family planning is an important topic when talking about the environment and climate change.

Looking Back at Yesterday's Climate Civil Disobedience - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

Allison Chin is the Sierra Club President. Yesterday, close to 50 people from a wide variety of backgrounds came together outside the White House to engage in peaceful civil disobedience for the climate. I was proud to

Ecological Principles

The Green Changemakers

[link] Creating communities that are compatible with nature's processes for sustaining life requires basic ecological knowledge.

Top Car-Sharing Cities: The Infographic

Sightline Daily

If you live in Seattle and you haven’t yet seen one of those charming little car2go vehicles humming delightfully up your local hill, I really don’t know where you’ve been hiding. There are 330 of them zipping around the city now.

Living Green Values

The Green Changemakers

Living Green Values Activities for Children and Young Adults A Special Rio+20 Edition [link] This resource is dedicated to the Earth in honor of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in June 2012.

WATCH: Disabled Piglet Gets Wheelchair, New Lease on Life


A vet made a wheelchair out of toy parts for the one-pound piglet, who now adorably mobile. Read More The post WATCH: Disabled Piglet Gets Wheelchair, New Lease on Life appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News Video

10 Principles for Liveable High Density Cities: Lessons from Singapore

The Green Changemakers

Turkish Conglomerate Plans Undersea Pipeline To Import Israeli Gas

Green Prophet

The Zorlu Group, one of Turkey’s biggest business conglomerates, has its eyes on another behemoth: Israel’s largest gas field, the Leviathan.

The Politics of Tech is Usually Pretty Simple | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

Whenever you read about some kind of political dispute over a tech issue, you should be aware that it's almost certainly really a fight among two or more of the following four groups: Telcos; Cable companies; Hollywood

Stupid Cupid Learns Valentine’s Day Middle East Style

Green Prophet

The bard believed that a “rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” but labeling mid-February fun as a Valentine’s event is controversial in the Middle East.

The Five Ecoliteracy Practices

The Green Changemakers

[link] With a goal of nurturing students to become ecoliterate, the Center for Ecoliteracy has identified five vital practices that integrate emotional, social, and ecological intelligence. They are described at greater length in our book, Ecoliterate: How Educators Are Cultivating Emotional, Social, and Ecological Intelligence (Jossey-Bass, 2012), from which the excerpt below is taken.