Sun.Dec 02, 2012

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Prints in the sand

10,000 Birds

Every day I see other creatures leaving their prints and they also come and go with the tides. They were moving at considerably different speeds!

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Activists at COP18 in Qatar: Islam and the Arab-world Not Eco Enough

Green Prophet

AP is reporting this as world leaders gather in Doha, Qatar for the UN-mediated COP18 climate change talks this week.

Freedom of the Press under threat in UK

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Leveson Report released just at the end of November 2012 is, more or less, calling for government regulation and thus a form of censorship of the British press (and media), although it is not being directly marketed as such. One law for us and another entirely different one for them, it seems.

Organic Farming Boom in Palestine

Green Prophet

A back-to-the-land movement is blossoming in the Palestinian Authority, the United Nation’s newest nonmember observer state. ” :: Ynet .

Jobbik – First they came for the Gypsy and now they also are coming for the Jew

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Jobbik, the more-or-less legal Nazi militia and party in Hungary, an EU member state, is now aiming, after having the Romani People made their first target, also for the Jewish population of the country (and elsewhere). They should have known better. The adage of “first they did come for. and I did not speak out”, etc.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (First of December 2012)

10,000 Birds

Nothing stirs this birder’s sense of excitement and adventure like the preparation involved in a trip to a new part of the world. How about you? 

United Arab Emirates Celebrates 41 Years – at the Zoo

Green Prophet

The Arab Gulf emirates celebrates National Day at the zoo until Dec 3. Travel & Nature Al Ain Zoo animals United Arab Emirates

Top 10 Green Building Tips

Green Home Blog

Top 10 Green Building Tips. This is also the way I outlined my book. Exterior cladding. Bamboo fiber, recycled paper and wood fiber EcoClad. Floors.

I and the Bird Reminder: Cormorants

10,000 Birds

Hey folks, don’t forget!  The deadline for I and the Bird submissions is December 4.  Make sure you send me Cormorant/Anhinga/Darter posts by the end of the day TUESDAY! Send them to naswick AT gmail DOT com, and make sure IATB is in the subject line.  Thanks! Asides iatb

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Learning from Our Elders


One of my essays is now available for free via a link on the publisher’s website. “A beautiful essay on deep listening…to trees.”  ”  ~ Jamie K. Reaser, Courting the Wild series co-editor (with whom, by the way, it was a pleasure to work). ‘…The maple advised, “Be like the linden tree.

Doha May Not Make it and it May be Up to Us


The United Nations climate chief, Christiana Figueres, the head of the U.N.'s

Permafrost Thawing May Cause Major Increase in Global Warming Feedback Loop


UNEP’s permafrost report recommends that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assess permafrost emissions

European Parliament Still Thinks Bold on Clean Energy Research


European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) regulatory affairs advisor Vilma Radvilaite

Protest in Qatar Calls for Climate Action