Fri.Nov 30, 2012

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Ian Somerhalder Knows How to Get You to Adopt a Cat


Actor and activist Ian Somerhalder knows just what it will take for you to head out to your local shelter and bring home a new family member.

Dead Dugong With “Tears of Blood” Found in Egypt

Green Prophet

Divers found a dead dugong in the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt early this week, according to the environmental advocacy group HEPCA.

Redpolls Run Rampant

10,000 Birds

It’s been beautiful here in Montana lately. By beautiful, I mean too cold, too gray, and as always too dry, but full of birds.

Giving What You’ve Got: From Re-Use to Holiday Goose

Green Home Blog

Giving What You’ve Got: From Re-Use to Holiday Goose. Below are a few ideas that may help you get started. Clothes. Eye Glasses. Coats. Transport.

Daily Demand and Supply: On the elasticity of demand for a college education

Environmental Economics

In general, the demand for a college education is fairly inelastic.   And maybe even a few times after that. via

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Environmental Economics

In a recent piece in the Journal of Economic Perspectives , Jerry Hausman provides a harsh critique of the use of stated preference studies (contingent valuation) for the assessment of benefits in benefit cost analysis.  Coast Guard said. via Professor Hausman's recommendation seems to be rather than rely on.  

New Poll Finds Ratepayers Strongly Oppose Duke Energy Coal.

Sierra Club Compass

As state regulators prepare to make a major decision on the future of a proposed Indiana coal plant with a $3.5

The Coolest Green Infrastructure You Are Likely to See

The Green Changemakers

Today, I came across maybe the best example I have seen. Not too good for sound bites, that name, but it certainly is descriptive.

Eco 1

COP 18: The Before and the Beginning - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

Some thoughts form Doha from Adriana Gonzalez on Vimeo. Thinking back to before COP?. Five days after arriving in Doha and it feels like a month.

Weekend Reading 11/30/12

Sightline Daily

Eric: Via the good folks at STB, I thought the imagery here was arresting. It’s going up for many, but not all.

Cleaner Cars -- It's Time to Act - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

A Big Ball of Climate Confusion?

Sightline Daily

Lori Greig, A new report on climate change attitudes is out from Yale and George Mason University. Indeed, I see some serious confusion.

The New Materialism

The Green Changemakers

[link] The New Materialism: or, how falling in love with the world could help us all live more, with less. It is an economics of better, not bigger.”

Livia Firth Wants to Give Michelle Obama a Green Fashion Makeover


Beauty Fashion Lifestyle News Top News livia firth

Sophia Jane: Jewelry Made with Seeds Sustainably Harvested from the Amazon

Eco Chic

Available at $45. Respect and preserve are two words that are at the core of  Sophia Jane Jewelry. Available at $40.

Climate Saving Measures

The Green Changemakers

[link] Here are suggestions ranging from the grand to the everyday. Pick one or two (or five) and run with them. Make the big changes Move to a sustainable community. Switch to green energy. Use public transit. Weatherize your home. Cool your home naturally. Eat less meat. Yes, this will help with climate change.) Drive less; bike or walk more.

Let The Sun Shine- Solar Powered Music


This video comes to us from DJ Chill Will,the world's first solar-powered DJ.