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10 Weird and Wonderful Uses for Olive Oil

Green Prophet

Humans have been plucking the fruit off olive trees for over 10,000 years. The mess slides right off, and your skin will glow. Gently massage in.

Oil 38

Climate Talking Points: Say it Like Jay

Sightline Daily

istock. A few months ago, we issued a “ pocket guide ” to the climate narrative developed by Breakthrough Strategies & Solutions. ” 2.

Beating Today’s “S” Curve (or Why an Editor is Every Writer’s Best Friend)

The Alien Next Door

Normal. false. false. false. EN-US. X-NONE. There’s an interesting phenomenon going on out there right now. Maybe you noticed it. That was then.

Bindi Irwin Slams Hillary Clinton’s Edits on Population Control


Bindi Irwin, the 14-year-old daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, is caught up in a spat with the editors of Hillary Clinton’s e-journal. The young conservationist, who has risen Read More The post Bindi Irwin Slams Hillary Clinton’s Edits on Population Control appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Good on you, Starbucks

Green (Living) Review

This move by Starbucks, however, is a response to change in consumer sentiment about what behaviour is acceptable. Personally, I still doubt it.

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Suntech Launches New Research Centre In Arava – INTERVIEW

Green Prophet

As one of the largest producers of solar panels, Suntech is undoubtedly a world player. Do you see it as an exciting market?

Plant-Based Dietitian Julieanna Hever Snags Own Vegan TV Show


Julieanna Hever's new vegan TV show "What Would Julieanna Do?" debuts this January on Veria Living. Eats Film/TV News Top News Vegan julieanna hever

Oregon Birds Drinking Themselves To Death on Berries?

10,000 Birds

Birds in Portland, Oregon, are being found dead in droves. The suspected cause of death? Over imbibing on fermented berries. Birds Oregon

Examining Conventional Wisdom

Green Home Blog

Examining Conventional Wisdom. By: Andy Griffin. Andy Griffin and his wife Julia work a small farm near Watsonville, California. And market share.

Where Are You Birding This Fourth Weekend of January 2013

10,000 Birds

An arctic blast of cold has served notice to many Americans that winter will still deliver the chills, at least intermittently. I want to be there.

Country Barn Wedding

Green Furniture Home Design

It’s no secret I am in love with barns, in a post I wrote a couple of days ago I confessed my dream of living in a barn.

Top 25 outlets for contingent valuation papers

Environmental Economics

From the Carson Bibliography  (through 2008): Journal. Number. Ecological Economics. Land Economics. Environmental and Resource Economics.

Minnesota, a Winter Owl Wonderland

10,000 Birds

An Imposing Great Gray Owl, by Carlos Sanchez. Northern Hawk Owl found on Kolu Road in Sax-Zim Bog, by Erik Bruhnke. Birding Birds Minnesota owl

Number of "contingent valuation" studies: 1980-2007

Environmental Economics

Source: Google Scholar , Carson's Bibliography

2013 2

Can Two Dedicated Congressmen Make Their Colleagues Care.

Mother Jones

Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) The effort will be "dedicated to focusing Congressional

Daily Demand and Supply: But at least we get ethanol*

Environmental Economics

According to a press release posted Tuesday on the official website of the National Chicken Council in Washington, D.C., the increase in the cost of corn, in tandem with other factors, has resulted in fewer birds produced overall. He added, “Simply put, less corn equals higher feed costs, which means fewer birds produced.”.

DC 2

War, Drugs, and Buddhist Yoga. | elephant journal

Elephant Journal

When my husband returned from a nine-month deployment to the Middle East, our marriage didn't survive.

Egypt is Close to Bridging the Distance to Saudi

Green Prophet

And don’t even get us started on the environmental damage that will be caused. One less-discussed side effect of the bridge will be development.

Cities and Flooding: A Guide to Integrated Urban Flood Risk Management for the 21st Century

The Green Changemakers

It is a global phenomenon which causes widespread devastation, economic damages and loss of human lives. Rather, they are complementary. They may fail.

Earth Architecture No Longer Fit for a King

Green Prophet

It’s a slice of history we discovered by accident. And this is what we found. On the magazine rack was a book called “Explore Off-road UAE.”


Visit Gorgeous Mt. Everest… via your laptop!

Green Living Ideas

This cool project came to us via the fine folks at NPR’s All Things Considered. The photography of Mt. photo copyright David Breashears.

Actress Rooney Mara Is a Vegan, Enjoys Veg Food at Sundance


Read More The post Actress Rooney Mara Is a Vegan, Enjoys Veg Food at Sundance appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Tu B’Shvat is Jewish New Year For The Trees

Green Prophet

The Jewish holiday of Tu B’Shvat, a day especially loved by children, is a special eco-day in Israel. Celebrate it with a fruity feast.

WATCH: Christian Bale Phones 8-Year-Old Cancer Patient


Christian Bale phones 8-year-old cancer patient, and Batman fan, making his dreams come true. Causes Film/TV News People Top News christian bale

The Caliber Collection: Upcycling Recovered Guns into Jewelry

Eco Chic

Since 1979, 116, 385 children and teens have been killed by guns. The number of U.S. With that in mind, the Caliber Collection was created.

WATCH: Maggie Q Goes Naked for PETA and Climate Change


"Nikita" star Maggie Q strips down for PETA to show how we eat affects the planet and climate change. Eats Environment News Top News Vegan maggie q

Green Fashion Lines, Better Than Ever


Recently, Bradley Cooper turned up at the Golden Globes flaunting a green tuxedo (not the color green). Sustainable linens like

Watch: Squirrel’s OMG Moment is Today’s Best Thing Ever


Check out this hilarious moment from the BBC’s first episode of their new nature documentary “Africa.” ” Narrated by David Attenboroug, it shows the moment an African ground squirrel realizes it Read More The post Watch: Squirrel’s OMG Moment is Today’s Best Thing Ever appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Obama Take 2- Will He Really Deal With Climate Change ?


The inaugural address has won wide praise for making climate change a second-term priority. Much of what he wanted to achieve under the failed 2009

NIH May Retire 86% of Government Owned Chimps from Research


In a move that would nearly end federally funded research on chimpanzees, NIH has proposed that 310 chimps be retired from research. Read More The post NIH May Retire 86% of Government Owned Chimps from Research appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes Featured News