Wed.Feb 06, 2013

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Grow 7 Healing Herbs At Home

Green Prophet

You can grow a living medicine chest in your garden with little effort. The old song says, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Parsley. This is normal.

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WA’s First Ocean Acidification Legislation

Sightline Daily

bretvogel, flickr On the heels of Washington state’s pioneering efforts to identify local steps to slow ocean acidification , Sen. Former Gov.

Ocean 20

Hard To Breathe In the Middle East – Latest NASA Images

Green Prophet

Cold weather and a booming industrial economy is making it hard to breath in the Middle East says NASA. Surely not a coincidence?

PETA Celebrates Vegan Designers, Debuts New Vegan Logo


From Vaute Couture's NYC Fall Fashion Week Debut, to PETA's UK Vegan Fashion Awards and Logo, ethical clothing is getting major attention.

Freedom of the Press

Green (Living) Review

The three top ranks are held by Finland, followed by the Netherlands and then Norway. I think not. What are they afraid of?

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You’re Not Helping

10,000 Birds

Conservation was in the news again in the last few weeks here in New Zealand, and unfortunately not in a good way.

Cool Green Eco Apartments

Green Furniture Home Design

Designing with the environment is mind is somewhat of a challenge for many people.

Relentless Goose Attacks

10,000 Birds

We all know how worked up waterfowl can get in suburban settings. But Canada Geese can be brutal too, as can their domestic (or ganky ) kin. Enjoy!

Relaxing and Zen Bathroom Design Tips

Green Furniture Home Design

When it comes to designing or remodeling your bathroom, you may want a space that is comfortable and relaxing.

Tree Swallow Tornado

10,000 Birds

One of the perks of visiting Florida in January is that it’s a chance to see some birds that are absent in Minnesota like the Tree Swallow.

Tip Hero's $150 Amazon card celebratory 7,000 tips giveaway, ends 2/20

Hug a Tree with Me

For years, Tip Hero has been proud to share helpful tips that help our community save money. Open to residents of the United States and Canada, 18+.

Inject Eco-Excitement into Your Child’s Afterschool Program

Green Home Blog

Inject Eco-Excitement into Your Child’s Afterschool Program. However, even though the message is there, in many cases it is short of being effective.

Honoring the greenest EU music festivals

Green Traveler Guides

The Green Operations Award—the “Green Oscar” of European music festivals—now honors events with the best eco-innovations.

Angry in Indy: Activists Take On Big Coal's Plan to Raise Rates.

Sierra Club Compass

The utility's at least $510

I Drink Coconut Water Only Because I Like the Taste. ~ Elizabeth.

Elephant Journal

It turns out when I'm being present, life is much more whimsical and fun than I ever imagined possible. You can even quote me on it

Clean Energy Continues to Break Records, Lead the Way - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

Here are two headlines from the past week that blew me away (no pun intended): #1- Wind was the top new energy source to come online in 2012. #2-

The State of the Union in Yoga: New Schools, New Code of.

Elephant Journal

The State of the Union address gives us a reason to look at the new year in yoga. New schools, yogis behaving better and no one has died in yoga.

NCLR Releases Study about 'Bright Future' for Latinos in the Green.

Sierra Club Compass

Portable LifeStraws Could Make Water Potable in Syria Refugee Camp

Green Prophet

A small piece of plastic can save lives, preserve local eco-systems, and cut greenhouse gas emissions: finally, positive press for plastics.

how does mercury get into the seafood you eat?

Green Living Ideas

If you eat the fishes of the sea here’s an article for you! Most people know of the mercury risk (especially women of baby-making age). Grist.

WATCH: Mark Ruffalo Wants You to Understand Fracking


Mark Ruffalo might be the most outspoken celebrity in the anti-fracking movement. Causes Environment News Top News Video mark ruffalo

Visiting Jerusalem’s Old Abused Mount of Olives Camel

Green Prophet

This is how the camel looked back in February, 2012. Cold, wet and miserable. of Olives. The recollection of that sad encounter with the Mt.

NASA Probe Captures Video of ‘Comet of the Century’ ISON


Comet ISON, dubbed the “Comet of the Century” by some hopeful astronomers, is continuing its journey ever closer to the sun – and a possible one-in-a-lifetime celestial event for Earth. Read More The post NASA Probe Captures Video of ‘Comet of the Century’ ISON appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Adopt a Manatee


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Lea Michele Loves Alicia Silverstone’s Vegan Lentil Stew


We're not sure if Lea Michele is still a full-fledged vegan or if she simply leans more toward a vegan diet, but we do know she's still cooking up a storm. Read More The post Lea Michele Loves Alicia Silverstone’s Vegan Lentil Stew appeared first on Ecorazzi. Eats News Top News Vegan alicia silverstone lea michele

Climate Activists Put the Heat on Obama


“As visionary as Obama is, he is hamstrung by his pragmatism.” The rallies, on Presidents’ Day weekend (February 17) and Earth Day

APP Commits to End Deforestation. Let's Hope They Mean it This Time


Asia Pulp and Paper , which is the world's third-largest paper producer has agreed to stop using logs from Indonesia's natural forests.

The Terrifying World of Monkton


Courtesy of MothIncarnate , the terrifying world of Monkton

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Hard Habit to Break : Getting Out of Our Energy Wasting Ways


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions requires behavioural change. As a result,they are maintained and reproduced.