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10 Celebrities Who Love and Advocate for Their Pit Bulls


These 10 stars are working to break the stigma surrounding the dogs through advocacy, awareness, and adorable photos.

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2013 60

Explained in 90 Seconds: It's Cold. That Doesn't Mean Global.

Mother Jones

At Climate Desk, we like to call them?affectionately?our affectionately?our our "pet trolls." " (You know who you are.

Tiny Houses with Kids

Sightline Daily

Living room? Playroom? Bedroom for stuffed menagerie? It's all the same. It was what we could afford, and it suited us. Then we had a kid. I'd think.

Food 25

NASA's Alarming Map of the Worst Australian Heat Wave on Record.

Mother Jones

This story first appeared in The Atlantic Cities and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

900 Dolphins Slaughtered in Retaliation Against Eco Group


Villagers in the Solomon Islands have slaughtered up to 900 dolphins in the course of a dispute with Earth Island Institute.

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The war in Mali

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Does it really have something to do with defeating AQ in the Maghreb? Personally I doubt. The truth is that the area especially that is under the Islamist “control” is full of “vital” minerals, including Uranium, Lithium and others and that's what it is all about. War, as Maj.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker Saves Freezing Dog (Video)


Here’s a great clip to end the week on – Newark Mayor (and rising political star) Cory Booker rescuing a freezing, lost dog from the cold. Booker, a frequent Twitter Read More The post Newark Mayor Cory Booker Saves Freezing Dog (Video) appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News cory booker

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New Neighbors

10,000 Birds

There were Pileated Woodpeckers, most assuredly, out there — back in the woods behind the railroad tracks. Odd birds? Desperate? A woodpecker.

I'm going to splurge on an expensive meal!

Environmental Economics

Stephen Dubner: Our latest Freakonomics Radio on  Marketplace  podcast is called “Introducing ‘Freakonomics Experiments.’”.

West Point Cadet’s Mouse Release

10,000 Birds

How about that West Point Mouse Release video ? His friend recorded the event. You’re free! Good luck!” as the mouse runs out and across the field.

Do You Know Your Electricity’s Pedigree?

Green Home Blog

Do You Know Your Electricity’s Pedigree? We can, for example, choose to drive less, drive a cleaner-burning car, or choose alternate transportation.

Dolphin Seeks Out Divers For Help

Wend Magazine

Click here to view the embedded video. Maybe I’m the only person who missed out on this amazing video of a dolphin approaching divers to help free it from entanglement, but if it’s more than worth the eight minutes. No related posts. General

"Northeast Faces Stark Choice on Climate Pollution"

Environmental Economics

From an op-ed in the New York Times : EIGHT years ago, a bipartisan coalition of Northeast and mid-Atlantic governors joined forces to reduce pollution from electric power plants. The governors reasoned that plant operators would have an incentive to clean up their emissions if they had to pay for the carbon dioxide they discharged.

Big Green Ideas and Small Ones Are All Needed

Living Green & Saving Energy

It is clear that the planet needs more environmentally friendly ideas, but we should be careful about getting caught up in the idea that only big, global solutions are going to work. To make the Earth’s future brighter we should consider big project ideas but not overlook the small things we can all do to [.].

I'm just humbled to be nominated (and arrogant enough to believe I contribute)

Environmental Economics

On Wednesday, Louis Zacharilla, co-founder of the Intelligent Community Forum. ICF), announced the organization's seven finalists for the 2013. Intelligent Community of the Year. The announcement was made during the. final day of the Pacific Telecommunications Council's annual meeting in. Honolulu. Two other U.S. cities -- Mitchell, S.D.;

An Easy Way to Save 187 Million Gallons of Gas and Get Healthier Too?

Environmental News Network

from Environmental Economics by Tim Haab. Here we go: First some data: •Average weight of a gas-engine car: 4,000 pounds. At an average price of $3.50

Europe's 'Coal Renaissance' Masks Industry Downfall - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

The coal industry has pointed to Europe's increasing coal use and imports as evidence of coal's inevitable future. The problem

5 Reasons to be Grateful for Trees on Tu B’Shevat

Green Prophet

The Jewish version of Arbor Day Tu B’Shevat is more relevant today than ever. But there are so many other reasons to value trees.

Getting Around Green: Consider A Motorcycle

Green Living Ideas

They emit less carbon dioxide. Motorcycles consume less fuel than cars, which means their production of carbon dioxide is also less.

WATCH: Ellen Surprises Kristen Bell with Lola the Sloth


Ellen DeGeneres surprises actress Kristen Bell with a sloth named Lola. Animals Causes Film/TV News Top News ellen degeneres kristen bell

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This Green Prophet Hospitalized from Cairo’s Air Pollution

Green Prophet

Joseph’s lungs didn’t like the return to polluted Cairo. It caused a dangerous bout of asthma. But that was not to be.

Friday Tunes: Sweet Child of Mine Cover by Taken by Trees

Eco Chic

I’m always looking for great new music since I spend so much time writing solo. Suggestions welcome for videos to feature!

Weekend Reading 1/25/13

Sightline Daily

Anna: This is from the Ringside Seat email I get from the American Prospect. The climate impact analogies are vivid and alarming: “ Mother Jones follows climate-change dynamo Jason Box to Greenland’s ice sheet to learn that it’s halfway to snowcone and might go full slushie way ahead of schedule.”. I think Cherry Point is dead.

Why I Fell in Love with Mexico City

Eco Chic

Starre Vartan in Mexico City. I had such a blast in Mexico City: I can’t wait to go back!

Greenpeace And People Like You


WWF Joins Call for Seafood Traceability to Fight Illegal Fishing


Four Deaths From Cold Snap in US


For four days now a deep arctic freeze has gripped parts of the Midwest. Temperatures as low as -36F degrees -have frozen anything it can find.

Mackerel and Gurnard No Longer a Sustainable Fish Choice Says MCS


After years of being a popular sustainable choice, mackerel should no longer be appearing so regularly on your dinner plate. The evidence which

Overpopulation - What We Don't Want to Talk About


Field Chronicles: The Pacific Oceanscape from Conservation International on Vimeo