Mon.Jan 21, 2013

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Chipotle Testing Tofu Option


It’s about time. Eats News Top News Vegetarian

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Shams 1: The World’s Largest Concentrated Solar Plant Nears Completion

Green Prophet

Heat energy from this oil is eventually transferred to water, which boils and releases steam that in turn powers a conventional steam turbine.

Living in a Barn

Green Furniture Home Design

This is why I’ve always dreamed of living in a one. Hopefully passing it on through family generations, ensuring it carries on it’s legacy.

Masdar Launches Plan to Desalinate Water Renewably

Green Prophet

Masdar held a packed press conference late last week to announce its launch of three renewably-powered desalination pilot projects.

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Virginia Governor unwittingly makes the case for a mileage tax

Environmental Economics

percent and an annual $100 fee assessed on drivers of alternative-fuel and hybrid vehicles. we think there are holes in parts of his plan.

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Vegan to Brand Volunteer to Protest Animal Cruelty


An English vegan named Becky Folkard intends to protest animal cruelty by branding a man with a hot iron. Animals Causes News Top News Vegan

Giant Squid Kraken Sea Monster Caught on Video

Green Prophet

The video was captured 700 meters (2300 feet) beneath the Pacific near the Ogasawara archipelago, about 1000 kilometers south of Tokyo Japan.

Black Carbon Second Biggest Climate Pollutant Behind Carbon Dioxide


Black carbon is the second most powerful climate pollutant behind only carbon dioxide, according to a landmark four-year assessment.

Relaxing and Zen Bedroom Decor Ideas

Green Furniture Home Design

There are many ideas one can use to make a relaxing space to meditate, read, or sleep. One is to introduce a water feature into the room.

I and the Bird: Looking for Falcons and Ravens

10,000 Birds

Alas, Atlanta couldn’t seal the deal in the second half, but Baltimore bullied their way to the Big Game. I and the Bird iatb

Designer, Neopolis, Creates Unique Kid’s Bedroom Design

Green Furniture Home Design

All I can say is, wow! Furniture for children must be safe and suitable for their age. Our interiors are full of light and joie de vivre.”

Bette Midler is “mad” about birds

10,000 Birds

Bette Midler , conservationist and star of screen and stage, has a thing for birds. “I love birds. – Read more.

Home Improvement with Green Products

Green Home Blog

Home Improvement with Green Products. Twenty years ago these may have been all you had to choose from. Faucet Aerator. The 2.5 Flooring. Low or No VOC.

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The Penguin Equivalent of Nelson Muntz’s “Ha ha!”

10,000 Birds

This video is well worth checking out. Hat-tip to my cousin, Karen Myer. Birds humor penguins

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The stand-up economist at the 2013 AEA Humor Session

Environmental Economics

Hyperinflation in Hell. by Yoram Bauman, Ph.D., "the world's first and only stand-up economist"

2013 2

An Owl-Full Day

10,000 Birds

Sunday morning dawned clear and cool, perfect weather in which to find some owls. One owl down, two to go! Things were looking up! Then my phone rang.

Music Monday: Small Souls

Wend Magazine

Small Souls. Small Souls sound like a couple things. All in all, small souls is a good listen. Small Souls performing “Sympathy” in 2011.


Green (Living) Review

Low consumer confidence generates record levels of inquiries at online gourmet food company Farmison & Co Online gourmet butcher Farmison & Co has this week seen a surge of customers ordering their breed specific 100% beef burgers, all handmade and naturally reared. From ?6.99 for four Highland rarebreed beef burgers to ?10.95 10.95

Awareness: 6 Tips for Getting Clear on What You Want. | elephant.

Elephant Journal

At times everything may seem unclear. What am I doing? Where am I going? What do I want? Who am I? And so on.

Tips for Driving Greener: Save Money & Help the Planet

Green Living Ideas

Read about the Green Divas in Detroit and see a few fun pics. Watch my segment on Ebru Today where I talk about driving greener. That’s right. Zippo.

WATCH: First Dog ‘Bo Obama’ Begs White House to Add Solar Panels


Sungevity uses a look-alike Bo Obama to hopefully encourage the White House to officially add solar panels. Read More The post WATCH: First Dog ‘Bo Obama’ Begs White House to Add Solar Panels appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment News Top News president obama

Now THIS is good business!

Green Living Ideas

This great statement popped up on our Facebook feed a few days ago, and I was stoked to share it here on Green Living Ideas.

Climate Change Appears in Obama’s Second Inauguration Speech


Finally. In his second inauguration speech today (January 21), President Barack Obama addressed climate change and, doubling-down on a promise by Vice President Biden earlier that the administration’s second term will not Read More The post Climate Change Appears in Obama’s Second Inauguration Speech appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Rhino Poaching Toll Reaches New High


An additional five rhinos have been killed since the beginning of this year. Poaching incidents in Kruger were up sharply from 252 in 2011.