Fri.Feb 01, 2013

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My first open review (sniff)

Environmental Economics

From the inbox: We invite you to take part in a new initiative: the open assessment of a paper submitted to the journal Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal ( Since the paper is receiving prominent treatment on our website, your assessment would be given prominence as well.

Consumption in Dubai – Breathtaking Photos of Our Environmental Impact

Green Prophet

Richard Allenby-Pratt’s popular Abandoned photo series still haunts us. It’s called Consumption and it starts in Dubai.

Look Who’s Taking Coal Money, Part 2

Sightline Daily

Excellent. ” Photo credit Jesse Varner. If ever an industry needed lawyers, it’s coal. Gordon Thomas Honeywell. Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt.

British army facing more and more cuts

Green (Living) Review

The “Glencore” Navy is already a reality and sooner or later we may have the “McAlpine” regiment and the “Barclay's” regiment in the British Army.

Vegetarians 32% Less Likely to Suffer From Heart Disease


A study conducted by the University of Oxford shows that vegetarians are 32 percent less likely to die or suffer from heart disease.

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An Easy Vegan Four Layer Dip for the Super Bowl


With just four ingredients, you can make a delicious vegan four layer dip to nosh on during this Sunday's Super Bowl. Eats News Recipes Top News Vega

15 Rustic Loft Design Ideas

Green Furniture Home Design

When searching for ideas with your future loft designing plans, the internet is an excellent source of information.

Green Dieting

Green Home Blog

Green Dieting. I hear you asking yourself, “What is green dieting? Is it simply eating more vegetables?”. Atkins, the Paleo Diet, the Grapefruit Diet).

Daily Supply and Demand: gee, you mean people are willing to pay more for things they want?

Environmental Economics

Want to snag a window seat? Since Southwest doesn't have assigned seating, boarding first pretty much assures you a prime seat. via

The Latest Great Clean Energy News - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

Climate coolinator

Environmental Economics

The potential side effects, however, are serious. Global Change Research Program, the coordinating body for federal spending on climate research. "There

Mind vs. Machine: The Path to Abundance. ~ Brad Korpalski.

Elephant Journal

Can you imagine a future where your steak is manufactured in a lab? Where automation aids our every move, including our morning commute?

Daily demand and supply

Environmental Economics

Enjoy: Gasoline prices are getting an early start on their annual spring march higher. The average U.S. retail price rose 13 cents over the past two weeks to $3.42 per gallon, and within a few days it will likely set a record for this time of year. Meanwhile, low inventories have pushed prices higher on the East Coast. via

Oil 2
Oil 2013 2

WATCH: Disabled Cat Gets Wheels Thanks to H.S. Robotics Club


Thanks to some caring animal lovers and high school robotics enthusiasts, Flipper, the deformed cat, is getting her own set of wheels.

2013 1

What do the Florida Groins think about climate change?*

Environmental Economics

Can we get Roger Goodell to regulate the behavior of Congress? Please? A new Capitol Hill climate task force wants a wide range of parties — including energy companies, green groups, sports leagues and plenty in-between — to submit suggestions for federal actions to battle global warming. via *In  

Harry Styles Spends Thousands on Pizza for the Homeless


Causes News People Top News Harry Styles

Weekend Reading 2/1/13

Sightline Daily

Alan. Portland exempted car-sharing from the rental car tax, and Washington did too… for a while. Serena. Surprised? Me neither.) And, L. Clark.

Ricky Gervais Helps Fan Get Dog, But Only if its a Rescue


Comedian Ricky Gervais asks a fan to adopt a dog instead of buying. Animals Causes News Top News ricky gervais

Try a Recipe from ‘Chloe’s Vegan Desserts’ for a Healthy Super Bowl Bash

Eco Chic

Heroine for the Planet Chloe Coscarelli just released her first all-dessert cookbook. But her approach is unique. Do not overmix.

Man Finds Whale Vomit That Could Be Worth £100,000


If you happen to see a large yellow-ish rock on the beach, don't just walk on by. Grab it and cash in. News Science Top News