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CHARTS: World's GMO Crop Fields Could Cover the US 1.5 Times.

Mother Jones

Despite persisting concerns over genetically modified crops, a new industry report (PDF) shows that GMO farming is taking off around the world.

Nearsightedness and Nature-Deficit Disorder

Nature Conservancy - Science

Will kids read this eye chart better if they spend more time outdoors? Why are 80% of kids in Singapore nearsighted? 2007). 2012). 2012). 2008). 2012).

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Look Who’s Taking Coal Money: Seattle Times Investigates

Sightline Daily

On the front page of the Seattle Times today, reporter Brian M. Look Who’s Taking Coal Money, Part 2. Read more at daily.sightline.org.

The Trayvon Martin Killing, One Year Later | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

It's been one year since Trayvon Martin was confronted, shot, and killed in Florida by George Zimmerman.

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9 Things Nobody Tells You about Recreational Drug Use in Your.

Elephant Journal

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Whooping Crane Ancestry

10,000 Birds

So what’s so special about seeing the resident re-introduced Whooping Cranes in Florida? According to the ABA, they are not countable. link].

Enviromesh and imitations

Green (Living) Review

Before it was marketed Enviromesh had been tested for durability with 5 years continuous exposure. Agralan Enviromesh

Makes one (me at least) pause and wonder

Environmental Economics

Nearly 30% of Americans with associate's degrees now make more than those with bachelor's degrees, according to Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce. via money.cnn.com.and they enter the workforce two years sooner.and the education costs less.

Let the woods be wild woods

Green (Living) Review

The woods in Britain have been managed for thousands of years and until just after World War Two we did manage them well on a proper basis.

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Stand-Up Economist: Transportation and climate bills

Environmental Economics

Yoram Bauman : In Oregon there are four carbon tax bills under consideration. Go Oregon! Finally, here in Washington there are some details on Judy Clibborn’s transportation package. That’s only $631m for maintenance of the state system despite the need (identified by Connecting Washington ) of $3.1 billion.

Presidential Non-Power | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

In his column today, David Ignatius is pretty good about blaming our recent string of fiscal standoffs on the recklessness of congressional Republicans. But then he ends with this: So how can we get these incapacitated drivers

Morrissey Cancels Kimmel, Won’t Be on Same Show as Duck Dynasty


The singer, who was supposed to perform on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" tonight, has canceled his performance so as to not be associated with the cast of the show "Duck Dynasty". Read More The post Morrissey Cancels Kimmel, Won’t Be on Same Show as Duck Dynasty appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes Film/TV Music News Top News morrissey

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Robotic Surgery and the Low End of the Learning Curve | Mother.

Mother Jones

Austin Frakt points us today to a new study that compares the effectiveness of robotically assisted hysterectomies vs. laparoscopic surgery.

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Love Me True - A Letter To My Lover - Cindy Lee Lothian | elephant.

Elephant Journal

I have learned to shed all expectations others have of me and I found the self I had lost

It's Time to Call a Filibuster a Filibuster | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

The trick for reporters is how to write about and talk about what's happened. Was there a filibuster? Of course. One more time: requiring 60 is a filibuster. Every Republican supports that standard. There are no

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"Cesarean, Beyond the Wound" & Other Life Images. ~ Ana Álvarez.

Elephant Journal

Cesarean, Beyond the Wound & Other Life Images. ~ Ana Álvarez-Errecalde {Nudity & Childbirth

The Green Buzz: Tuesday, February 26

Conservancy Talk

Today’s green news is… well, a little wacky. Dim the lights, we’ve got glow-in-the-dark carnivorous plants! National Geographic ). Can we officially link wacky weather to global warming? Guardian ). Federal budget cuts may force some national parks to close their gates. ( CNN ). The results are not good. Huffington Post Green ).

I and the Bird: All the Ardeids

10,000 Birds

We’re going big with next month’s installment of I and the Bird. Tricolored Heron , photo by Nate Swick. Thanks!

The RePEc Biblio

Environmental Economics

From the RePEc Blog : We are proud to announce the launch of the latest RePEc initiative, the RePEc Biblio. This is a great idea.    

Literature, Sex, and Birds

10,000 Birds

Jonathan Franzen gets it right in this interview by Susan Cosier for Audubon Magazine. That doesn’t happen very often. Hat-tip to Frank Izaguirre.

Tutorhub - Quality One on One Online Tutoring 

Hug a Tree with Me

Tutors are valuable academic aids that students can turn to when they feel like they need help beyond what they are receiving in their school setting.

Crown Paints Lifts The Lid On Major Recycling Scheme To Mark Climate Week

Green (Living) Review

Householders are being given the chance to free up the sheds, garages and cupboards of the nation to mark Crown Paints’ partnership with Climate Week.

Smart Grid: Changing Our Energy Infrastructure

Green Home Blog

There may come a day when a light switch, house key or wallet all become things of the past. Today’s Grid. The Smart Grid.

Dedicated Decorators Help Make House a Home for Dion

Green (Living) Review

Dion and his brother with Jamie Monks and members of the team. Getting colour from every drop. How does Community RePaint work?

Daily demand and supply: The "crack spread"?

Environmental Economics

That is a new term for me! The EIA says the growing gap accounts for “most” of the roughly 45 cents-per-gallon rise in gasoline prices between Jan.

The Giving Birders: Are They Out There?

10,000 Birds

Mountain Plover and many other grassland birds have populations in steep decline. Although I am the best glass-slinger there is, I am not a rich man.

Question of the day

Environmental Economics

What would you do with additional tax revenues this week? Jack Lew, the White House nominee for Treasury secretary, says President Obama’s second-term vow to confront climate change will not lead to proposals to tax carbon dioxide emissions. Hatch used his written questions to bash the idea of a carbon tax. What would your highest priorities be?”

Salazar: On Energy, Expect Four More Years of the Same | Mother.

Mother Jones

Ken Salazar confers with the heads of Cape Wind, which he predicts will this year become the US's first offshore wind farm to break ground.

Adventures Studying Ayurveda in India. | elephant journal

Elephant Journal

It all began in Savasana early in the morning, on a rooftop in South India

Emily Deschanel Raising Son in Non-Toxic, Meat-Free Home


Bones' actress Emily Deschanel is raising her baby, Henry, in a non-toxic environment and keeps him on a meat-free diet.

Why a Rebound Relationship is What We Need. | elephant journal

Elephant Journal

Being dumped is probably the most rejecting feeling in the entire world

Goo Goo Dolls’ Mike Malinin Dishes on his Vegan Lifestyle


Entertainment Music News Top News Vegan mike maliinin

The Worst Thing in Life. | elephant journal

Elephant Journal

Source: lacyatkins.com via Kathy on Pinterest I was traveling, recently, for a little bit of a long time. And I noticed that I got

Two Strolls Forward, One Stroll Back

Sightline Daily

By allowing wee ones’ wheels on its buses, Metro has shown it wants to be a family-friendly transit agency. Think again. Food & Sustainable Livin