Mon.Feb 04, 2013

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A Common Tragedy

Environmental Economics

even if the short-term effects are uncomfortable : An advisory council voted Wednesday to. That move, analysts. Scores of fishermen.

Ricky Gervais: A Dog Is ‘Not an Accessory’


Ricky Gervais takes to twitter to rip into people who abandon their animals. Read More The post Ricky Gervais: A Dog Is ‘Not an Accessory’ appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News ricky gervais

France Says “Oui” to Masdar Renewables Deal

Green Prophet

The deal facilitates co-development of new technology and allows for easier transnational exchange of expertise and experience.

Wolverine Might Be Listed as Threatened Due To Climate Change


The wolverine, a particularly tough member of the weasel family, might be getting some governmental help soon. Animals Causes News Science Top News

Prairie Falcon Attack on a Northern Shoveler

10,000 Birds

Ron Dudley is an amazing nature photographer who is based in northern Utah. One is his focus on ethical photography. She claims her prize.

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Apply: elephant journal Social Media & Blogging Apprenticeship.

Elephant Journal

Apply: elephant journal Social Media & Blogging Apprenticeship

Former head of TESCO says high street death is “progress”

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Sir Terry Leahy, the former CEO of TESCO, basically is for the high street of small independent shops to decline and die and he says that this death is “progress”. This attitude of TESCO does not surprise me at all. What we need are reputable small retailers once again, like what the high street used to be made up of.


LEED-Seeking Google Tel Aviv is About as Cool as Offices Come

Green Prophet

Unreal. That is the first word that swims around our heads when we look at images of Google’s new offices in Tel Aviv.

A February Montauk Run

10,000 Birds

I am a groundhog. That is, I was born on the oddest of holidays, Groundhog Day, which means that this weekend is my birthday weekend. Wait, sparrows?

Find Cheap Auto Insurance Today

Hug a Tree with Me

Auto insurance is a type of financial protection. The contract length for auto insurance varies, but is usually between a six to twelve month period.

I know I live in a sports crazy town, but this is surprising to me

Environmental Economics

Top 10 Metered Markets For Super Bowl XLVII. 1. Baltimore                59.6/83. 2.

Music Monday: Earl Greyhound

Wend Magazine

Earl Greyhound from L to R: Ricc Sheridan, Matt Whyte and Kamara Thomas. Click here to view the embedded video. Click here to view the embedded video.

Corporate Sustainability: A Changing Corporate Model (Pay Attention Small Business)

Green Home Blog

Corporate Sustainability: A Changing Corporate Model (Pay Attention Small Business. Morning coffee can sometimes be a challenge when the news hits you over the head with corporate environmental atrocities. It can make you wonder if anyone is getting the message. Corporate Sustainability. More transparency. Market growth. Innovation.

My Green Valentine

Environmental News Network

According to a new survey by the National Retail Association , the American 2013 Valentine’s Day season is expected to reach 18.9 billion in spending.

Saving Money with Solar and Energy Efficiency in Southern California

Sierra Club Compass

SodaStream’s SuperBowl Ad Challenges Coke and Pepsi’s Winning Streak

Green Prophet

Once just a small company with a negligible following, SodaStream has caused a resounding splash with its recent Super Bowl advertising debut.

New Ads Highlight World Bank's Deadly Coal Plans For Kosovo.

Sierra Club Compass

Local civil society has made their opposition

New Israeli Strains of Chickpeas Promise Higher Yields And Even Better Nutrition

Green Prophet

The Hebrew University in Jerusalem improves one of the world’s most important food staples. We add, they’re also easy to cook and tasty.

For the Love of Carrots & the Elephant Journal

Green Living Ideas

Well, we have made it to the end of this very cold and currently windy January! And we are celebrating the upcoming National Carrot Day! Who knew?

Make This: Vegan Creamed Corn


Just because the word “cream” is in there doesn’t mean the recipe is necessarily a guilty pleasure. Eats News Recipes Top News Vegan

How Living Roofs Improve Solar Panel Performance

Green Living Ideas

how it all works. Image via Green Roof Technology. Almost two thirds of these savings came from lower energy consumption.

Casablanca’s Cinema in the Hands of One Man

Green Prophet

By some accounts this is good. Quality of life has improved for some people, the place is modernizing.

Living Off the Grid is Possible- But It's Not Enough to Fix Climate Change


My old house has never been connected to the electricity supply. It runs on a couple of photo voltaic (solar) panels and is warmed by firewood.

Making the Change to Sustainability!


Recently I read a frightening article by Bill McKibben on the state of play in the climate change debate.