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Spiritual Ecology and the Lesson of Crete

The Alien Next Door

If Gaia is our “Natural Mother” then Ecology is her language —Nina Munteanu. If Gaia is our “natural mother” then Ecology is her language. ~~~~.

Build an ecological homestead for 1/10th the cost of a trad home!

Green Prophet

Now a young husband/wife team have stepped into the void, launching a venture to make affordable, ecological housing accessible to everyone.

Smart Collars Deployed to Study Wolves’ Ecology


In 2016, we’re now looking at animal health and fitness too, in order Read More The post Smart Collars Deployed to Study Wolves’ Ecology appeared first on Ecorazzi. It’s no longer enough just to know where an animal is and where it has been wandering. Animals News Top News

Molecular Science Meets Muddy Boots Ecology in Kenya

Nature Conservancy - Science

Meet the NatureNet Science Fellows: Tyler Kartzinel. Forensic analysis of animal dung. Meet More NatureNet Fellows. By Cara Byington. By Trishna Dutta.

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Preventing Invasives is Vital to Great Lakes Ecology and Economy

Conservancy Talk

You can follow Mark on Twitter @MarkTercek. Agriculture, shipping, fishing, hunting, tourism and more all rely on the Great Lakes.

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Greece's Latest Fiscal Solution: Create an Ecological Crisis! | Mother.

Mother Jones

Greece's Latest Fiscal Solution: Create an Ecological Crisis! Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content. Mother Jones. Politics. Environment.

Free Movie: First Earth – Uncompromising Ecological Architecture

Green Prophet

Then he did an apprenticeship with a leading ecological building firm called TSUI Design. This is not a trick – we promise.

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Consumerism, Ecology, and the Sabbath

Green Prophet

Ben-Gurion researchers claim that Israel’s urge to shop will eventually force Shabbat laws to change. . That’s Shabbat.

Dubai’s police cars are ecological opposites

Green Prophet

As far as we can tell – the 15,000-strong police force has purchased just one bike, which they tested at Jumeirah Beach Residence last week.

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Five Steps Toward an Ecological Worldview. ~ Dr. Matthew Wilburn King

Elephant Journal

The notion that humanity is the absolute and objective center of life has been continuously reinforced throughout time. It has been conceived both in the West and in many other traditions, not as an illusion of perspective imposed by our starting point, but as an objective fact, and indeed an essential fact, about the whole universe.

Tu B’Shvat Ecology Study Opportunities, 2012

Green Prophet

A potent mystical, ecological, legal and historical mix runs through Tu B’Shvat, a date known as the New Year For The Trees.

Nightingale Site Destroyed For New Homes in Hampshire, Southern Ecological Solutions Reports

Green (Living) Review

25 May 2015 : Leading ecological and arboricultural consultancy, Southern Ecological Solutions, have commented on the recent news regarding a landowner who has been accused of ‘destroying’ a habitat for rare birds. As experts in ecological surveys and consultancy, Southern Ecological Solutions took a keen interest in the story.

4 Radical Ways to Heal Ourselves & our Planet.

Elephant Journal

One year ago, the pace of my day-to-day life slowed down even more, when we moved across the lake to a tiny cabin in the woods. Suddenly we had no electricity, wifi, refrigerator, toaster oven or indoor bathroom. Our lives changed abruptly—by choice.

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5 great apps for green travel

Green Traveler Guides

Community Xtras eco-friendly travel apps green travel apps mobile apps for eco travel mobile apps for ecological travel

Environmental Justice Atlas maps out ecological conflicts

Green Prophet

For the first time in history we have a real time, comprehensive global map of ecological conflicts thanks to the Atlas of Environmental Justice.

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Abu Dhabi Five-Star Leisure at Saadiyat Island Puts Ecology First

Green Prophet

The area is home to an abundance of wildlife including hawksbill turtles and bottlenose dolphins (like the ones found in an Egyptian private pool).

Permaculture Hannukah Party at Yesh Meain Ecological Farm

Green Prophet

The events will be scattered among the different ecologically-constructed structures at Yesh Meain, including their yurt and mud houses.

Let’s Stop the Ecological Genocide of Monarch Butterflies. ~ Jeff Kart

Elephant Journal

A drastic decline in the monarch butterfly population requires us to reduce our herbicide usage and get involved. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Green butterfly Canada herbicide illegal logging mexico monarch butterfly U.S.

New Science: Time to Step Away from the Ecological Footprint?

Nature Conservancy - Science

The Ecological Footprint had utility in its day,” says Kareiva. “It Science Ecological Footprint metrics Peter Kareiva sustainability

The Green Sheikh Calls for Action Against Ecological Crimes

Green Prophet

New diseases have emerged as a result of this imbalance in the ecological balance. Global warming. Cleaner production. Energy waste.

The Ecological Land Co-op has purchased more land to create ecological smallholdings

Green (Living) Review

Here’s a quick overview of what the Ecological Land Co-op does, before going on to their latest news. Read more here

Hopes for an ecological Church raised by new Pope's choice of name

Green (Living) Review

In 1979, then Pope John Paul II proclaimed St. Francis of Assisi (1181/1182-1226) the patron saint of ecologists.

Sinai’s Ecological Future Hangs in the Balance

Green Prophet

Business & Politics development ecology Mediterranean Sea Red Sea Sinai peninsula Sustainable DevelopmentWhere is the water coming from?

How do bird species compete with each other?

10,000 Birds

Ecology is amazing. So these complex ecological interactions and systems must emerge as a result of individual behaviors, which also means to some extent, at levels within (below) the species we see interacting. Birds bluebirds ecology Hormones Maternal effects research Species level competition What is the mechanism for this?

The Agro-Ecological Revolution.

Elephant Journal

Green Health & Wellness WAYLON: Editor's Picks agriculture agro-ecology farming organic food urban farming

Allowing Public Transportation on the Sabbath in Tel Aviv: Ecologically Smart or Defiling Religious Law?

Green Prophet

In Tel Aviv you can still take advantage of the city-wide bike sharing system , but that’s not always practical.). Image via: zeevveez.

Burning Question: How Do You Balance Farming and Ecology?

Green (Living) Review

I’m going to create a riparian buffer and restore the stream ecology on my grandmother’s farm. Lanier! Oh, really?” “I’m Oh, really?” OK, wow.

French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon on ecology and nuclear energy

Green Blog

Mélenchon claims that his political party, the Left Front, is built around the concept of ecological planning. ” Why don’t you devote more time to ecology in your campaign? Jean-Luc Mélenchon: Ecology occupies a place for us that it has never found in any program of the traditional left. That is why we favor a referendum.

Adventures in Menopause: Welcome to Perimenopause!

Elephant Journal

I try to be light-hearted about it, pantomiming that month’s egg hobbling down my fallopian tube with a walker.

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Living Eco-Logically: 9 Powerful Visual Reminders.

Elephant Journal

Living ecologically means shifting from the old story of us versus them into a new paradigm of it's just us. One human family.

Will Turkey’s New Constitution Include Ecological Protections?

Green Prophet

It’s too soon to tell what the final decision on the ecological articles will be, according to the IEC. The inspiration. So will it pass?

Ecological unequal exchange is helping Europe maintain its leading role, greenhouse gases and overconsumption

Green Blog

To fully understand the idea of ecological unequal exchange one must first understand how the stratification system in the world works. 2006).

Forget Fair Trade—We Should Be Buying This Instead.

Elephant Journal

Although Fair Trade USA still adamantly markets the small-scale farmers as the “face” of fair trade, the reality is.

Consultants for Ecological Impact Can Help Keep Your Business Green

Living Green & Saving Energy

Consultants for Ecological Impact Can Keep Your Business Green. Green News Consultants for Ecological Impact green business

Environmental Activists hold “Open Day” in Belarus for Ecological Education and Awareness


The event was organized by Green Network, an organizing group in Belarus who are working to bring ecological issues to the forefront of national discussion and developing a larger green movement. The group recently travelled to Paris for the International Climate Conference, representing their country and helping to lead a climate campaign.

Nina Talks Writing and Water on "Liquid Lunch" That Channel TV

The Alien Next Door

books consciousness ecology environment interviews magic of water nina munteanu the meaning of water water in space Water Is. due early in 2016.

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The Way of Water (La natura dell’acqua)

The Alien Next Door

eco-fiction ecology environment la nature dell'acqua Mincione Edizioni Nina Munteanu books science fiction short stories The Way of Water water

Ecological Principles

The Green Changemakers

[link] Creating communities that are compatible with nature's processes for sustaining life requires basic ecological knowledge.

Project 'Capsule': A design to conserve ecology of the Black Sea


Project Capsule: A design to conserve ecology of the Black Sea. Once the project sees the light of the day, it will not only help in restoring natural ecology of the Black Sea, but will stand as an exemplary green structure too. Please login. Sign In. User Name / Email. Password. Forgot Password. Dont have an account? Join Now. Login.

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Sustainable Ocean Development is Possible: Q&A with Maria Damanaki

Conservancy Talk

Healthy oceans, development and economic growth can coexist. I am delighted to welcome Maria to TNC. Tercek: What led you to marine conservation?

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