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CMD Special Report: New Documents Confirm Koch Was on ALEC.

PR Watch

CMD Special Report: New Documents Confirm Koch Was on ALEC Crime Task Force Led by NRA (Part One). Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us. reply.

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LEAKED: Secret Trade Document Reveals Weak Environmental Standards

Sierra Club Compass

The text also includes weak language on trade in illegally harvested timber, wildlife, and fish —one of the most important issues to the Sierra Club.

7 Eco Issues to Address in 2013

Green Prophet

Here are seven of the most pressing issues facing the Middle East in 2013 and organizations that are working to resolve them. Water Scarcity.

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Litterati and the Pursuit of Trash– Document the Litter Around You

Green Living Ideas

After a handful of these occasions, I decided to be creative and made a tumblr page to document the trials of everyday trash.

Leaked: European Union Trade Document, Translation: Climate Disaster

Sierra Club Compass

Translation: We can deal with energy trade issues through an energy chapter (the EU position) or by dispersing language throughout the TTIP.

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Behind the Scenes: Photographing and Filming in Palau

Conservancy Talk

one of them called me in my hotel to wish me a good trip home and thank me for helping document their country.

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Dialogues on the Environment: Q&A with Jason Clay

Conservancy Talk

Jason Clay: To halt deforestation we need to address the threats to forests, not just build fences around them or document the losses.

Nebraka Sustainability Leadership Workshop - Documents

The Green Changemakers

We've now begun a series of four regional Conversations Conferences on Nebraska Environment and Sustainability Issues, centering on the imperative to protect and conserve vital resources within Nebraska: land, water, energy, materials, and food. You can find out more about the Conversations Conferences at

Water turned off in Abu Dhabi desert tree experiment (photo)

Green Prophet

Note from the editor: this photograph is part of a series called “Consumption” that seeks to document consumerism’s impact on the environment.

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Santorum: Voters Without ID Want to Perpetrate Fraud | PR Watch

PR Watch

SANTORUM : I think thats a state issue. Others have ID cards issued by their employer, but those also are not accepted at the polls."

Fish Get Stoned, Too | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

Joy Brown / Krasowit /Shutterstock Human anti-anxiety meds are making fish tweak out, according to a study published in the latest issue of Science.

UNESCO World Conference on ESD documents

The Green Changemakers

[link] Workshop 1: Education for water sustainability Workshop 2: Strengthening the educational response to climate change internationally?

This GOP Congressman’s Crusade Against Scientists Just Got Even More Insane

Mother Jones

A NOAA spokesperson confirmed that those were the only search terms the agency used to find the relevant documents.

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A social cost of carbon witch hunt in the Department of Energy

Environmental Economics

One question zeroed in on the issue of the “social cost of carbon,” a way of calculating the consequences of greenhouse gas emissions. Chilling.

Man to Live in Melting Iceberg to Urge Action on Climate Change


Causes Environment News Science Top News

Camera Trap Captures Images of Texas Ocelot Kittens

Nature Conservancy - Science

Great news for ocelots: This year, several females with kittens were documented in South Texas using remote cameras. The U.S. Related Articles.

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A Story at the Heart of the Conservancy

Conservancy Talk

I recently learned about Gloria Hollister. Do you know her story? She was born in New York City on June 11, 1900. Then came the war.

GREYWATER USE IN THE MIDDLE EAST Technical, Social, Economic and Policy Issues

The Green Changemakers

It discusses many of the non-technical issues that influence effectiveness and sustainability of greywater use. Peter Laban 8.

Perez Hilton Speaks Out Against Factory Farming


Perez Hilton , a Florida native, is siding with PETA on the issue. What we need are more cameras on factory farms, not fewer.”.

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Bristol Bay Blog, Part 3: A Future for Salmon?

Nature Conservancy - Science

It also documented the purity of the water. Will we have wild salmon in 100 years? The answer depends on how we do at places like Bristol Bay.

Monsanto or Organic? Who to Trust With Your Food [infographic]

Wend Magazine

From The Superfund document (pdf) sited in the infographic. (Sources and much more info, linked below this text). ”".

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Before the Flood: the Must-See Climate Change Film by Leonardo DiCaprio

Conservancy Talk

I’ve been studying this issue for the past 15 years. I’ve been watching it very closely. President Barack Obama, U.N.

China’s ‘Silent Spring’ has many more political hurdles to jump

Green Blog

On one hand, the potential solutions to global issues such as climate change, and local issues such as air pollution, may feed into each other.

Quagga: Can an Extinct Animal be Bred Back into Existence?

Nature Conservancy - Science

There’s one major issue: the quagga has been extinct since 1883. Very little documentation exists of quaggas. Photo: Frederick York.

The climate change debate is fun and games until the lawyers get involved

Environmental Economics

Schneiderman issued a subpoena Wednesday evening to Exxon Mobil, demanding extensive financial records, emails and other documents. The Exxon inquiry might expand further to encompass other oil companies, according to the people with knowledge of the case, though no additional subpoenas have been issued to date.  

The Yoga Selfie. ~ Genny Wilkinson-Priest

Elephant Journal

And this is my issue – yoga isn’t easy. Why aren’t there more yogis documenting the struggles of practice? Not even when you are practicing day-in, day-out for years at a time. In yoga, you hit lows just as much, if not more, than you hit the highs.

The Bursting of the Bakken Bubble?

Sightline Daily

The real question may be “when,” not “if,” USDOT will issue the order. It looks likely that, as with every bubble before, it will end.

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The Largest Mammal That No Scientist Has Ever Seen in the Wild

Nature Conservancy - Science

They have since been documented on camera traps. Unlike many wildlife conservation stories, this is not a habitat issue. By Matt Miller.

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Inequality between rich and poor nations helps fuel a climate of mistrust and sabotages efforts to secure a climate deal

Green Blog

That is a big question that covers a whole range of topics and issues that I won’t go into. Photo credit: His son, George W. 2007).”Rethinking

It’s Time to End the Gar Wars

Nature Conservancy - Science

The current issue of Outdoor Life (available online) features an article by Natalie Krebs celebrating “the world’s largest bowfishing tournament.”

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Why Should Vegans Care About Slaughterhouse Workers?


Too often, non vegans accuse vegans of not caring about human rights issues, and this is an unfair picture to paint.

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10 Unexpected Impacts of Climate Change

Nature Conservancy - Science

Joseph Craine and other researchers have been documenting bison diets on Conservancy preserves and other areas of the Great Plains. Droughts.

Pope Francis scooped on climate change doctrine!

Green Prophet

Watch this space for more information after the official document release on Thursday. The official release is on Thursday.

Getting to Know Your National Wildlife Refuge: Comprehensive Conservation Plans

10,000 Birds

These are not short breezy documents intended for pleasure reading. Jason A. NWRs in Alaska are governed by their own rules.).

Five Endangered Species Recoveries You’ve Never Heard Of

Nature Conservancy - Science

Fisheries biologists have now documented 50 populations. More than 40 species have been officially recovered by the Endangered Species Act.

2017 27

Of “Pizzlies” and Goose Dinners: The Latest Research on Polar Bears

Nature Conservancy - Science

That piece remains an excellent primer on the issues surrounding polar bears, and I won’t duplicate that here. Photo: ©Robert M. Griffith.

Open source prefab bee hive helps the masses protect our pollinators [video]

Green Prophet

Anyone who is even remotely alert knows that bee populations from as far afield as Israel and Turkey and the United States are in deep trouble.

Bananas to Bats: The Science Behind the First Bats Successfully Treated for White-Nose Syndrome

Nature Conservancy - Science

A little brown bat successfully treated for white-nose syndrome is about to be released. Photo: Bat Conservation International. By Matt Miller.

Mariel Hemingway on GMOs and Why We Need to Stop Monsanto

Green Living Ideas

Hemingway about the film and the issues behind it (GMO/GE food). I HIGHLY recommend reading this well-researched and documented article.

Recovery: Saving Timber Rattlesnakes, Why Wildlife Recovery Isn’t a Popularity Contest

Nature Conservancy - Science

While the Division doesn’t treat its legally mandated recovery plans as classified documents, it doesn’t hold news conferences about them either.