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Conserving Resources

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Conserving Resources. So Greenhome wants to help you focus on using less, not just to conserve the things we need, but also to minimize the damage we do the environment we all share. 5 Easy Ways to Conserve Resources Every Day. You’ll find everything you need to get started in Greenhome’s water and energy conservation kits for the garden, bathroom, home, and office. Tagged: CFL , conservation , energy efficient , green energy , water saving.

The Relevance Imperative in Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Simply put, biodiversity conservation is a societal value not everyone shares. Rising to the Challenge of Biodiversity Conservation in a Human-dominated World. Finding these alignments is perhaps the most critical task for conservation today. What’s in it for me?

"House conservatives' sweeping plan for Trump's first 100 days, explained"

Environmental Economics

The Trump administration likely won’t do 100 percent of what’s on the menu here, but in his Cabinet appointments Trump has largely assembled a team of down-the-line conservatives , so it’s a good look at the direction policy is likely to take.

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Why Conservation Should Embrace a Diversity of People & Values

Nature Conservancy - Science

Willie Atu (on left), showing a map of the conserved and threatened areas of the Solomons to the Mothers Union, a group of Kia women who have worked with the Conservancy to raise conservation awareness. By Heather Tallis, lead scientist, The Nature Conservancy.

The Deceit of Yes/No Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Not long ago, the questions and answers conservation and environmentalism faced seemed straightforward: Should we save the whales? How Conservation Can Better Prepare for ‘Wicked’ Problems.

Harley-Davidson a New Partner in Conservation

Conservancy Talk

The idea that motorcycle riders have a heart for conservation might surprise non-motorcyclists out there, but it shouldn’t. This partnership also gives the message of conservation more exposure. What do conservationists look like? Do they wear fleece jackets? Or hiking boots?

Economics: The Next Frontier in Conservation Science

Nature Conservancy - Science

Engaging in markets is not new for The Nature Conservancy. Property rights have long been the Conservancy’s primary transaction unit. As a consequence, the Conservancy’s ‘priorities’ could often be very precisely defined: a discrete property of interest.

Video: Infrared Technology for Wildlife Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Video courtesy of Nature Conservancy partner John Romero of Owyhee Air Research. Here, we showcase video that demonstrates the many ways infrared is aiding conservation research and monitoring. Hummingbird as seen in infrared.

Bringing Behavioral Insights into Conservation Programs and Policies

Nature Conservancy - Science

Behavioral science and economics have provided important insights for health, finance, and many other domains, but are largely untapped resources for conservation. A new paper in Conservation Letters helps practitioners tap into behavioral sciences.

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Global Wilderness Areas in Decline Despite Conservation Targets

Nature Conservancy - Science

Conservation today operates in a world of targets: Protect 17 percent of terrestrial systems and 10 percent of marine systems by 2020; keep global climate change below 1.5 Putting Conservation on the Map: A Blueprint for a Healthy Planet.

Toward Decolonizing Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Humpback whale breaching, Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve and Haida Heritage Site, Haida Gwaii. Read more SNAP magazine essays on how conservation, conservation science and human well-being intersect. . Conservation Letters.

A Hackathon for Fish Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Could a hackathon ever be used to solve a conservation challenge? To use one example: could coders, designers and project managers – many of whom with no conservation experience – develop solutions to address fisheries management? But I run a map and design shop for the Conservancy.

Headhunters, Poaching, & Arson: Community Conservation in the Arnavons

Nature Conservancy - Science

After a 40-year history punctuated by arson, conflict, and poaching, conservation efforts in the Arnavon Islands are yielding a glimmer of hope for hawksbills sea turtles. Zama, once outspoken about his resentment of conservation on the island, is now on the ACMCA board. “It

Weird Conservation: The Strange Side of Saving Endangered Species

Nature Conservancy - Science

But conservation is weirder. But sometimes, conservation requires that you built a robot, search for poop, or devise a seemingly endless variety of techniques to collect animal semen. Photo © Department of Conservation / Flickr. Nature is weird.

Pupfish: Conserving a Mojave Desert Survivor

Nature Conservancy - Science

But Nature Conservancy ecologist Sophie Parker , who is showing me conservation projects here, asks me to envision an earlier California and Nevada. “It’s In the early 1970s, The Nature Conservancy purchased one pool in the Ash Meadows area to protect the Ash Meadows Amargosa pupfish.

What the Conservation Movement Can Learn from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Conservancy Talk

Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune: How Business and Society Thrive By Investing in Nature.

We Applaud Proposed Conservative Case for Addressing Climate Change

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Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of the Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune. Follow Mark on Twitter: @ MarkTercek. We should all welcome the carbon dividend proposal announced by the Climate Leadership Council today.

10 Innovations That Are Changing Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

In honor of World Environment Day on June 5 — a day to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet earth — we offer this list of some of the most useful and inspiring technological advances that are assisting conservation.

Sanjayan: The Art of Communication is Conservation’s Best Hope

Nature Conservancy - Science

Peter Kareiva is chief scientist of The Nature Conservancy. David Banks is director of the Conservancy’s Africa program. Read some of his best writing for the Conservancy’s website.) The Conservancy’s vibrant Africa program was catalyzed by Sanj.

Effective Communications for Conservation Action

Nature Conservancy - Science

Hausheer, science writer for The Nature Conservancy. So how can scientists and conservationists ensure that people use data gathered in support of conservation practices to make successful decisions? These small island states are a microcosm of conservation,” says Montambault.

Conservation Next? Getting Real about Rural Stewardship

Nature Conservancy - Science

Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Laikipia District, Kenya — a place with an active ranch and wildlife on the same property. Heather Tallis is The Nature Conservancy’s lead scientist. But what really happens when conservation improves resources?

Tell Congress To Fully Fund The Land And Water Conservation Fund

10,000 Birds

Created by Congress in 1965, the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) was a bipartisan commitment to safeguard natural areas, water resources and our cultural heritage, and to provide recreation opportunities to all Americans. It was a simple idea: use revenues from the depletion of one natural resource – offshore oil and gas – to support the conservation of another precious resource – our land and water.

Conserving Bison in Indiana. Yes, Indiana.

Nature Conservancy - Science

The Nature Conservancy is continuing to expand its bison conservation program, and now the animals are moving east. This fall, the shaggy beasts will be reintroduced to Kankakee Sands , a Nature Conservancy preserve in southern Indiana. The Conservancy has completed that process.

Poop, Parasites, and Whooping Crane Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Hausheer, science writer for The Nature Conservancy. Knowing what diseases a species is susceptible to, and what affect those diseases have on a population is critical for conservation efforts. Science bird conservation research whooping crane

On Understanding Varying Approaches among Conservation Professionals

Nature Conservancy - Science

n spent 12 months studying decision-making processes within an unnamed international conservation NGO working on a marine conservation project in Papua New Guinea. Science global conservation Human Ecology journals measures social science Madang Lagoon in Papua New Guinea.

Respecting Human Rights is Essential for Sustainable Conservation

Conservancy Talk

Gina Cosentino is The Nature Conservancy’s Director of Indigenous and Communal Conservation. Conservationists are in the human rights business even though many don’t think of conservation in this way. But conservation and human rights are in fact closely linked.

Are the Best Years for Tropical Forest Conservation Still Ahead?

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The Nature Conservancy works with logging companies to practice reduced-impact logging. Indeed, the best years for tropical forest conservation are likely still ahead of us — and that’s most exciting of all. Justin Adams is The Nature Conservancy’s Global Managing Director of Lands.

Conservation Science 101: Understand Coral Bleaching

Nature Conservancy - Science

In this Conservation Science 101, I’ll present a brief overview of what happens during a bleaching event, and also discuss some common misperceptions about this phenomenon. In the meantime, read more about the Conservancy’s work to protect coral reefs in the Caribbean and beyond.

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From Rattlesnakes to Turquoise Rivers: Unlikely Connections Hold Key to Conservation Success

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The meeting—a retreat for The Nature Conservancy’s European region—began in the typical way too, with each person stating their name, their unit within the Conservancy, and where they were based. Jeff Opperman is Director of The Nature Conservancy’s Great Rivers Program.

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Tips on Conserving Energy and Saving Money

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In spite of the fact that economists called the recent United States recession (December 2007 to June 2009) over, economic forecasts continue to decline, taking their losses from recent housing starts and persistent unemployment. Even worse, household incomes have fallen 6.7 percent. That means, in an inflationary cycle where food prices have risen on average 4 percent (according to those same economists), incomes have fallen almost twice that percentage.

New report will help advance health and water conservation in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Last week, TNC joined with USAID and the Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group (ABCG) to launch Freshwater Conservation and Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Integration Guidelines: A Framework for Implementation in sub-Saharan Africa. Climate Change The Nature Conservancy United State

Coyote Scat and Native Plant Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

That’s been the key behind the successful propagation of sabal palms at The Nature Conservancy’s Southmost Preserve , located in south Texas on the Mexican border. Preserve manager Max Pons runs the nursery, which can produce as many as 80,000 plants a year for conservation purposes.

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How Hollywood Is Helping California Conserve Water


The governor instructed the Read More The post How Hollywood Is Helping California Conserve Water appeared first on Ecorazzi. With California declaring cutbacks on water consumption, Hollywood is doing its part to help out.

Plight of the Bumble Bee: Conserving Imperiled Native Pollinators

Nature Conservancy - Science

Bumble bee on rosinweed flower at The Nature Conservancy’s Dahms Tract along the Central Platte River in Nebraska. This initiative, Bumble Bee Watch , is one more way you can assist with pollinator conservation. insects urban conservation yards

Protecting Marine Biodiversity with ‘New’ Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Image credit: Tim Calver for The Nature Conservancy. The debate raging within the conservation community over “new conservation” appears to be essentially a religious war, with doctrinal beliefs well defined and the rancor and defamation appearing to grow each month.

Scaling up Conservation: Replication or Coordination?

Nature Conservancy - Science

The Ngemelis Islands Conservation Area in Palau supports many kinds of fish, including this school of common bluestripe snappers. So far, the evidence suggests that conservation projects rarely have the consumer appeal of i-phones.

The Conservative Bias in Economics?

Environmental Economics

Mark Thoma on "the conservative bias in economics": I have a new column: Yes, Nick Kristof, There Is a Conservative Bias in Economics : Nicholas Kristof recent reignited  the debate over liberal bias in academia with his claim that “universities risk becoming liberal echo chambers and hostile environments for conservatives.”   The conservative viewpoint is accorded significant weight despite the fact that it is often a minority viewpoint.

2015 NatureNet Fellowships: Call for Conservation Scientists

Nature Conservancy - Science

Quick reminder to all post-doc candidates interested in pushing conservation forward with new ideas and new disciplines: NatureNet Fellowship applications are due October 1.

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Emerald Edge: Old Growth Forest Injects New Life into Conservation

Conservancy Talk

In many places around the world, The Nature Conservancy partners closely with indigenous communities like these, working together on a sustainable development agenda that benefits people, nature and the climate. Justin Adams is The Nature Conservancy’s Global Managing Director of Lands.

My Awesome Inspirational Conservation Mix (Vol 1-Mongolia)

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As an idiot who lives on Earth working on conservation, it took a trip to western Mongolia to remind me about the value of inspiration. Making conservation happen around the world will take more Awesome Inspirational Mixes and many more Guardians.