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From Paris: Government Leaders Emphasize Protecting Nature

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Of course this work will only succeed when coupled with strong governance and protection of remaining forests. Mark R.

Ecosocialist Conference shows potential for a united green left in North America

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Below are reports by three participants in the conference. Capitalism is trying to kill the planet, but the people are rising up.”.


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a landmark conference, March 19, 2011 Cambridge, UK. The price of misjudging the global response to climate change theories could be catastrophe: economic for developed nations and life-threatening for the worlds poorest people. The conference will also feature Professor Niklas Nils-Axel Mörner Ph.D., Climate Change?

Civilization without destruction

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It is good for business, good for the people – and it is good politics. “Forests precede civilization; deserts follow.” It’s called nature.

Looking Back at Paris: Investing in Nature Gains Traction as Climate Solution

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The negotiations room wasn’t the only place at the U.N. climate convention where leaders made critical progress.

COP 21 is reminding us that everyone’s prosperity relies on nature

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The negotiations can feel, from the outside, like an arcane, remote process. The Global Landscapes Forum takes place in Paris this weekend.

Alternative summit on environment and people held in Bolivia

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The First World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth (WPCCC) took place April 19-22 near Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Countries on front line of climate change join experts and activists in Bolivia for World Peoples' Conference

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Beginning Monday, April 19th, some 15,000 people from around the world along with representatives of 70 governments, mainly from Least Developed Countries, will meet in Cochabamba, Bolivia, for the World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth.

Peak Oil & our governments are so quiet

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Commuting without cheap oil will be impossible by car and train fares, more that likely, and they are not cheap now, will become also unaffordable.

Accountability of People, Politicians, Corporations and Countries for War Crimes and Climate Crimes

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16 million people die avoidably each year from deprivation, this carnage including about 9.5 Photo credit: andriux-uk. 2, 3]. 7, 8]. million, 0.6

99% Spring Has Sprung: Shareholder Actions Underway Across the.

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An estimated 24 people were arrested inside and outside the building. Government isnt the problem -- its the prize. Contact Us. Podcasts.

The collaborative economy is shifting some of the responsibilities the government used to have before

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Sundarajan has, during his career, more than 200 international conferences. We’ve seen many dramatic rises of inequality. Read more: [link].

Can Healthy Rivers and Hydropower Co-exist?

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Experts predict that we will be 9 billion people sharing one planet by 2050. Where will we find enough energy to power our growing population?


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The Environmental Audit Committee highlighted that up to 50,000 people may die prematurely in the UK each year because of poor air quality and clear political will and resources are required to improve this picture. Not just to help tackle climate change, but also to address the immediate issue of local pollution shortening people’s lives.”

Leading UK police officer tells government to protect of police from government cuts

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Only such a police force that has the funds to do what is needed will have the means at its disposal to combat any civil and industrial unrest as a result of government cuts. Under the last government, the one run by Labour, it was basically becoming a terrorism offense to be protesting peacefully and peaceful protesters were baton charged.

“We need to get it done. And we need to get it done now.”

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The climate conference is taking place at Bella Center in Copenhagen from the 7th to the 18th of December. People are speaking out.

Rio+20 Fails People and the Planet

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Asad Rehman, Head of International Climate, Friends of the Earth EWNI said: "Just like in climate negotiations, the EU dresses up its own economic interests as ambitious new ideas when in reality they came without the political will to make the changes needed to save the people and planet. This is unfortunate!"

Chart: What Exactly (Cough) Is Beijing (Hack) Breathing? | Mother.

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15, 2013 3:01 AM PST Tweet China's landlocked capital of 20 million people has experienced record-breaking pollution over the last few days.

Turning words into energy at ‘Powering the Middle East’ in Jordan

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Many conferences end in handshakes and no action, but Powering the Middle East aims to close deals. Hit the jump for details.

‘Joint Green Projects Can Help Create Lasting Peace’- Israeli Director of FoEME

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We face condemnation from people in Jordan, Palestine and Israel for the work we do,” explains Bromberg. “We

Hugo Chavez on climate change and capitalism

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Personally I’ll never forget his speech at the COP15 climate conference in Copenhagen in which he linked capitalism to global warming. The U.S.

Science for Nature & People (SNAP) Accepting Proposals for New Working Groups

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What is Science for Nature & People? Science for Nature & People Working Groups and New RFP. Nick Hall. Nick Hall. Robynn Gianni.

Reckless Driving Kills 3 Emiratis Every Day

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Spread: that content needs to reach the greatest number of people possible. um, really?

Privilege and the Hierarchy of Oppression within the Animal Rights Movement


These attributes in a world of otherness do mean that some groups of people experience difference as excluding them from moral consideration.

Censorship on Climate Change

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Government’s Accountability Office, or GAO, had since lauded NASA for its transparency. Censorship on Climate Change. Bush administration.

Fishing for Clues: Investigating Fisher Behavior in a Tropical Purse-Seine Fishery

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It’s important to remember that the effective management of a fish stock is not so much about the fish as about the people trying to catch them.

Paying to Power Our Cars - Compass

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That's about as much as some people spend on the cars themselves! COP17 Climate Conference. Doha Climate Conference. Compass.

Jetting across the world to show how bad it is to be jetting across the world

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It is exactly the same as what the environmental NGOs do when they jet to each and every climate conference.

UN and World Bank says no to nuclear in universal energy plan

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billion people lack electricity in their homes or businesses. And nearly 40% of the world’s population have to rely on wood, coal or charcoal to cook their food with – which causes both environmental destruction and toxic gases that kills nearly two million people every year. Around 1.3 Electricity could help children study after dark.

France aims to ban plastic cups, plates and cutlery

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Corporations and and trade bodies will sue governments if actions infringe on their bottom line. While several other countries and some U.S.

Sustainable Ocean Development is Possible: Q&A with Maria Damanaki

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Human activity can also be the best opportunity for healthy seas and happy people if regulated, controlled and inspired by sustainability.

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World Bank pledges $16B to climate change projects

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” Climate related disasters such as food insecurity and drought could to push another 100 million people into poverty within the next 15 years.

2020 18

Syrian Desert People In Need of Sustainable Tents

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Critics assert that while hosting refugees is pressurizing Jordan’s economics, the government is also looking to benefit from the situation by overestimating the number of exiles. Whenever we have tents , they are filled and new people keep coming,” he told reporters. The government’s also wrestling a $2 billion deficit. .

Rules of Engagement: Solomon Islanders Prepare for Mining

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Be informed : Seek as much advice and knowledge from as many experienced and knowledgeable people as you can. we were ready. Image source: TNC].

IRENA to Pitch Morocco as Africa’s Renewable Energy Pilot at Rio+20

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More on Rio+20 and Morocco’s Solar Energy Plans: Israel Takes Messianic Stance at the Rio+20 Conference. Lessons learned from Morocco.

"Everything is Connected" - The People vs. Coal Exports in the Northwest

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"We must manage our resources for the seventh generation of our people." This announcement by the U.S. But wait – there's more!

Japan reacts with censorship to critical reporting

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By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Free journalists from abroad are being denied access to the press conferences. Spartacus, do you hear me?

If You Don’t Invest in Your Water Supply, Someone Else Will and It Won’t Be Pretty

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Before the water can flow from your tap, your local water utility has to make sure it is free of contaminants that could make people sick.

To Preserve the Earth, Rethink Our Relationship with Nature

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By 2050, the planet faces the challenges of providing for more than 9 billion people, including: A food supply that will need to double.

The Forgotten Climate Solution

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It has solved so many of our problems that people have come to view technology as the key to improving society. of the media coverage.