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Mali’s Life Changing Mobile Solar Lamps are Made From Bicycle Parts

Green Prophet

A suite of mobile solar-powered lamps have completely changed the lives of hundreds of villagers in Mali.

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IRENA Produces Free Global Renewable Energy Atlas

Green Prophet

The Atlas also provides detailed resource maps and tools for evaluating the technical potential of renewable energies.

From Rattlesnakes to Turquoise Rivers: Unlikely Connections Hold Key to Conservation Success

Conservancy Talk

Very few dams have been removed in China, but in the United States and other countries there is a growing roster of removals.

Israel’s a Top #4 in Clean Tech Investment Performance

Green Prophet

You’d think the top clean tech investments come from the United States, China or Brazil.

U.S. Challenges India’s Solar Energy Incentives at WTO: What’s at Stake

Sierra Club Compass

These requirements to purchase locally manufactured solar panels are referred to as domestic content rules. The U.S. What’s at Stake.

Harassmap Lets Women Cyclists in Cairo Report Abuse Via SMS

Green Prophet

Were Tesla’s Solar Innovations “Buried&# by Big Oil? Transportation is a large contributor to air-pollution. um, really?

Nuclear Power Continues World Dependence on Middle East Oil

Green Prophet

How are the tools powered to build them? Windmills and Solar panels aren’t made from unicorn farts. Wrong. percent U 235. Love it.

Tweets, Shares, And Dirty Searches That Destroy Earth

Green Prophet

There is no doubt, seedy sites aside, that the internet is a remarkable tool. But it is also killing our planet. cents per watt of energy.

Interview With Abu Dhabi's Most Innovative Design Couple

Green Prophet

Architecture, public art, new media, and social practice art are the tools that we use to communicate and help spread awareness. Thank you.

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Meet the “Miss Pakistan” of Renewable Energy

Green Prophet

These could be technologies that are being imported from Europe, the US, Canada and China,” Paracha says. Epic flooding in Pakistan.

Interview with Izhar Gafni, Inventor of the Greenest Cardboard Bike

Green Prophet

” Even a cardboard car using solar and human energy. Israeli ingenuity with cardboard has already produced no-tools-needed furniture. ).

Napa's Bardessono: America's greenest luxury hotel?

Green Traveler Guides

Sean O’Toole, the hotel’s executive chef, doesn’t need to rely only on what can be grown on the hotel grounds. No matter.

IKEA and sustainability

Green (Living) Review

When it comes to IKEA's furniture, and other stuff, today is that most, if not indeed all, of it nowadays, as with the majority of products elsewhere, I know, is “Made in China” and that's where I am having a problem. By Michael Smith (Veshengro) IKEA likes to sell itself as a principled, sustainable furniture producer.

The lightbulb conspiracy

Green Blog

It would also free up factory capacity worldwide to make other stuff, like solar ovens, wind turbines, energy storage systems, etc. Obviously this would not be to the liking of manufacturing nations such as China or India, who would kick up a right old stink at the WTO if any government tried to implement such a policy. Worth a watch!

Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project (DDPP) Presents Interim Report to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

Green (Living) Review

The interim report supports the UN Climate Summit on September 23, 2014. The full DDPP report will be presented in the spring of 2015.

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Why The Climate Movement Cannot Ignore Trade

Sierra Club Compass

But think about the endless benefits, both for our climate and for the creation of new green jobs, of producing wind turbines and solar panels locally.

Make Greener Children With A Patch of Dirt

Green Prophet

large part of that is providing our children with the tools to maintain and improve the planet. In short, an adult hippie, I am not.

Drive No More: 6 Alternatives to Your Car

The Green Changemakers

New urbanism has a lot of tools for this, we just need to use them. The solar power collectors on the roof are feasible today. engineers.

A Radical Approach to the Climate Crisis

The Green Changemakers

Mitigation means moving toward clean energy sources, such as wind, solar, geothermal, and tidal kinetic power. All this may be true.

The Venus Project: Bombastic Dream or Realizable Future?

The Alien Next Door

The Alien Next Door Musings of Nina Munteanu, SF writer and Ecologist Thursday, March 19, 2009 The Venus Project: Bombastic Dream or Realizable Future?

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Future Policies for Cities - Towards Regenerative Urbanism

The Green Changemakers

[link] Cities, as major users of resources, are focal points for assuring a sustainable relationship between people and planet. Peter Droege.

Innovative Solutions for Nature and Climate

Conservancy Talk

But you are at the forefront once again because of climate change, so get the rust off your best tools. Follow Mark on Twitter: @ MarkTercek.

What is Green Economy?

The Green Changemakers

China now invests more than any other country in renewable energy. Why is China investing in wind? Photo credit: flickr/Yodel Anecdotal.

10 Big, Really Hard Things We Can Do to Save the Planet

The Green Changemakers

Today, scientists are using new techniques and tools to discover and name more new species than at any other time in taxonomic history.

Ecocities of Tomorrow: An Interview with Richard Register

The Green Changemakers

Solar and wind technologists are making hardware to harmoniously provide energy for such cities and organic farmers raising their food. uzz up!

Building like trees, cities like forests

The Green Changemakers

Use current solar income. Buildings that tap into solar income-using direct solar energy collection; passive solar processes such as daylighting; and wind power, which is created by thermal flows fueled by sunlight-make productive and profitable use of local energy flows. The right tools? Use Current Solar Income.

Building a Green Economy

The Green Changemakers

Wind and solar technologies are not just more environmentally benign than oil, coal, and nuclear power, but also more jobs-intensive. Public works programs, a third tool in government's toolbox, may be useful in both urban and rural settings, at least on a temporary basis. Launch anefficiency revolution. Invest in green infrastructure.

Heinberg on Life Beyond Growth

The Green Changemakers

In recent years China’s economy has been growing at eight percent or more per year; that means it is more than doubling in size every ten years. Indeed, China consumes more than twice as much coal as it did a decade ago—the same with iron ore and oil. A fabulous piece by Richard Heinberg. What if the economy doesn’t recover? Always.