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A Dirty Solution to Cleaning the Atmosphere

Nature Conservancy - Science

Soils have twice as much carbon as the atmosphere. But soils will never be able to store all of the excess carbon in the atmosphere.

Lebanon Carpet Fire Causing More Atmospheric Pollution

Green Prophet

Black plumes go airborne from burning Byblos Carpet Factory fire in Lebanon. but the flames soon engulfed the lower levels of the structure.

Deep Sea Mining: The Next Big Threat to our Oceans.

Elephant Journal

Ocean 30

13 Atmospheric Films for Fall.

Elephant Journal

Anticipation can be lovely, and preparing for a favorite season as simple as pouring some hot apple cider and sitting down to a fall film. However we savor the delights of anticipation, the important thing is that we make every moment count. Arts Family anticipation autumn fall films Halloween mood-setting movies seasonal changes

Researchers develop new CU-NOAA monitoring system to answer the murky atmospheric questions


Pratima Kalra: To make an in depth analysis of emissions in the atmosphere, it is imperative that we separate and compare emissions from manmade fossil fuels and other trace gases. New CU-NOAA monitoring system clarifies murky atmospheric CO2 questions. These samples were collected from over the north east part of U.S.

NASA Visualizes Unfortunate Truths About Our Atmosphere

Green Prophet

For example, any high school chemistry text book will tell you that that approximately 2.6 tons of CO2 is produced for every ton of coal burned.

Fire Up the Grill, Not the Atmosphere -

Environmental Economics

Maybe an Independence Day meal of pan-fried potatoes and grilled peaches seems un-American. But the tradition of backyard grilling isn’t exactly Jeffersonian in pedigree. Independence Day feasts in the early 1800s featured such classic American fare as turtle soup. In other words, there’s nothing so very sacred about the Fourth of July cookout.

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LEED for Homes Point by Point – Energy & Atmosphere

Green Life Smart Life

Energy and Atmosphere : 21.5 Tagged: atmosphere, Energy, eNERGY sTAR FOR HOME STANDARDS, Home energy rating standard, LEED-H, NET ZERO, solar reflective index. points achieved out of 36 points available :: The overall goal of EA is to optimize energy performance of the building. This achieved us 19.5 points under EA 1.

Atmospheric Ozone Recovering In Mid-latitudes, Report Shows

Eco Friendly Daily

Well finally some good news confirmed by NASA. Full Story @ ScienceDaily. Environment

Co2 in Atmosphere Hits Historic High of 400ppm


Permafrost :Twice As Much Carbon As The Atmosphere


Permafrost soils contain almost twice as much carbon as the atmosphere. Andrew H. to 1.69 °C

Study proves increase in atmospheric nitrous oxide due to fertilizers


Fertilizer use responsible for increase in nitrous oxide in atmosphere. Via: UCBerkeley

Should We Extend Property Rights to the Atmosphere?


While Australia aims to produce a fifth of its energy from renewable sources by 2020, non-renewable energy is still flourishing.

February 29, 2016 = 11:11—A Leap Year & Rare High Vibrational Day in Pisces.

Elephant Journal

As the numbers 29 and 2 only fall together once every four years there will be a rare and intriguing energy in the atmosphere. Not only is it a leap year, the leap day falls on a.

2016 40

Mercury Releases Into the Atmosphere From Ancient to Modern Times


David Streets and colleagues explain that humans put mercury into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels and through mining and industrial processes.

Rising Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere Also Speeds Carbon Loss from Forest Soils


Will Owens.

Barbrix - a hip restaurant with a romantic atmosphere and vegan options

Eco-Vegan Girl

The atmosphere is romantic and comfortable. Tonight I joined some old friends at Barbrix, a small restaurant/wine bar in Silver Lake.

Kids Sue US Government To Force Action on Global Warming

Living Green & Saving Energy

global warming Green News atmospheric trust litigation lawsuit by kids Mary WoodKids Sue US Government To Force Action on Global Warming.

Kids Sue US Government To Force Action on Global Warming

Living Green & Saving Energy

global warming Green News atmospheric trust litigation lawsuit by kids Mary WoodKids Sue US Government To Force Action on Global Warming.

10 Ways to Chair Meetings to Foster a Creative Atmosphere and Help Creative Thinking

The Green Changemakers

Create an atmosphere in which people consider all ideas. [link]. By Edward Glassman, PhD The creative climate in a meeting depends in large part on the actions of the leader. This person can make or break creative thinking. These suggestions to the chair can make a great deal of difference to the success of the meeting. Help quiet persons.

Datong Museum’s passive design to keep it energy efficient and resistant to atmospheric corrosion


Pratima Kalra: China’s Museum of the 21st century, the Datong Museum is underway construction and most likely to open for public viewing in 2013.

The Message of the Astronauts to COP 21.

Elephant Journal

On December 5th, this video was played and watched by world leaders at the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris.

Sustainable forests can cut global emissions by half

Green (Living) Review

Growing, well-managed forest binds carbon dioxide, thus preventing it from entering the atmosphere," says Lena Ek, Chairman of Södra Skogsägarna.

Ocean Surface Temperatures the Warmest In Over 135 Years


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Read More The post Ocean Surface Temperatures the Warmest In Over 135 Years appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Danger zone: Earth crosses four planetary boundaries

Green Blog

At present only one regional boundary (South Asian Monsoon) can be established for atmospheric aerosol loading.

2014 was the hottest year in recorded history

Green Blog

It''s now official: 2014 was the warmest year in recorded history. Prior to 2014, the Earth''s warmest years were 2005 and 2010.

2014 31

The Green Buzz: Monday, January 27

Conservancy Talk

States as trustees of the atmosphere, an exploding cow sitcom, and climate change heats up at Davos in today’s green news. A new four-episode Hulu sitcom produced by Chipotle, “Farmed and Dangerous,” will seek to educate consumers about factory farming using satire.

Which Sources of Blue Carbon Measure Up to the Mitigation Challenge?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Natural climate mitigation: using nature to help buffer rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. Or coral reefs? The Potential of Blue Carbon.

2017 25

A Common Tragedy

Environmental Economics

Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, who voted in favor of the cuts. "It That move, analysts. "The impact will be.

Whisky Will Power 9,000 Homes With New Biomass Plant

Wend Magazine

This, compared to energy powered by coal, could save 46,000 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. We’ll drink to that!

Radio Waves Carry News of Climate Change

Green Prophet

The ionosphere, one of the regions of the upper atmosphere, plays an important role in global communications. Now Prof. Price.

Giant Plumes of Gurgling Methane Could Fast-Track Planetary Warming

Green Prophet

Layer after layer of plant debris that has not yet decomposed lies trapped in arctic and subarctic permafrost.

Hubble Captures Jupiter’s Great Entourage of Moons

The Alien Next Door

Traces of carbon, ethane, hydrogen sulfide, neon, oxygen, phosphine and sulfur, benzene, and hydrocarbons exist in Jupiter’s atmosphere.

Great News! Hawaiian Monk Seal Numbers on the Rise


According to researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), in 2014, 121 monk seal pups were Read More The post Great News!

A social cost of carbon witch hunt in the Department of Energy

Environmental Economics

The social cost of carbon is a metric that calculates the cost to society of emitting a ton of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Chilling.

UAE to build a man-made mountain to increase rainfall

Green Prophet

Is this really the best defense against looming drought? The UAE lives on desalinated seawater, energy-intensive and expensive to produce.

UAE 34

New Istanbul Airport Will Kill 658,000 Old Trees

Green Prophet

Carbon cycling is the natural transfer of carbon between the biosphere and earth’s atmosphere, Trees and plants are the primary transfer agents.

What’s Your Climate Change Elevator Pitch?

Sightline Daily

She’s an atmospheric scientist who bridges climate science and political science at Texas Tech. What’s the big deal about climate change anyway?”

CO2 levels hits dreaded 400 ppm milestone

Green Blog

A 2C increase in global temperatures will mean that we have to stabilize our greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at about 445 to 490 ppm.

NASA Cameras Capture Awesome Video of Pennsylvania Meteor Crash

Sustainability Ninja

This meteor was seen by three of them. NASA lost track of the fireball when it was about 13 miles above the ground. Eco News Eco Videos Govt.