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George Monbiot and the enviro-neocons

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I’m getting a bit worried about George Monbiot. At one time he was one of the sharpest orators within the left/green environmental movement. All this demonstrates is that George Monbiot never understood the crisis of peak oil to begin with (see Jeremy Leggett of Solar Century’s rebuttal here also in the Guardian ).

The Nuclear Meltdown of George Monbiot

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Many people will recognise that description of George Monbiot in his role as one of Britain’s leading environmental journalists.

Top 10 Green Blog articles from 2011

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Here's the top 10 articles on Green Blog from 2011. So there is no wonder that our number one post on Green Blog was about the Fukushima nuclear accident. The third most-read article on Green Blog highlighted a new Greenpeace campaign against Europe’s biggest car company Volkswagen (VW). link] [link]. link].

A Call for a Green Enlightenment

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The Worldchanging Canada Team November 11, 2008 7:40 AM This article was written by Lynn McDonald in February 2007. 6, "future generations."

Actions Not Words - The five goals Rio+20 should have announced

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The Rio text, has been described by George Monbiot , Guardian Environment Blogger, as best accompanied by drawings of “ rainbows and psychedelic unicorns ”. Full Disclosure Statement: The GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW received no compensation for any component of this article.