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Voices for Biodiversity Funding New Articles for #GivingTuesday

10,000 Birds

Hi all! If you’re thinking about giving a gift for #GivingTuesday, consider V4B! Click here to give now. Do you have story ideas? Awesome!

Q&A with Andy Revkin: Dialogues on the Environment

Conservancy Talk

Mark Tercek: You wrote your first long article on climate change a quarter century ago. You can follow Mark on Twitter @MarkTercek. We use it.

Q&A with Paul Sabin: Dialogues on the Environment

Conservancy Talk

Mark Tercek: Your book suggests that past debates about the environment could get pretty nasty. You can follow Mark on Twitter @MarkTercek.

Leather and the environment

Green Living Tips

I'm partial to leather workboots for their sturdiness - in fact, I like a lot of leather products; but aside from humanitarian issues, what effect do our leather purchases have on the environment? Learn more in this article

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Sustainable Hydropower: Are Small Dams Really Better for the Environment?

Nature Conservancy - Science

When it comes to hydropower, Schumacher’s aphorism is often interpreted literally and taken as an article of faith. It was removed in 2013.

Earth friendly air freshener tips

Green Living Tips

But in fooling my nose, I was also poisoning my immediate and wider environment. articles & guides cleaning homeI was an air freshener abuser. There are certainly greener ways to keep nasty smells at bay.

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Japan Nuclear Meltdown Will Seriously Affect World Environment

Green Prophet

The article quoted Greenpeace as saying that “Japan is in the middle of a nuclear crises with potentially devastating consequences.&#

Japan 24

Eating Real Food Can Save The Environment | Green Prophet

Green Prophet

can’t afford to protect the environment – a short-sighted view that will inevitably create a frightening debt to nature. um, really?

What Can Islam Do For The Environment? Lots, Actually…

Green Prophet

What can Islam do for the environment? Answering (or at least attempting to answer) what now feels like an age-old question. 1] Murad M.

Peter Kareiva to Lead UCLA’s Institute of the Environment & Sustainability

Nature Conservancy - Science

Science Peter Kareiva UCLA Institute Environment SustainabilityPeter Karevia. Image credit: Dave Lauridsen.

Yup, vegans are “wreaking havoc on the environment”


The two articles may be separated by the Atlantic Ocean, but they have one thing in common: they are both rubbish. Only part of being vegan has anything to do with health and the environment. Guest Essay by Emilia Leese. ————————————————————————. A few weeks ago we were cult members. The veganverse has let me down. How nice.

Are e-Cigarettes better for you and for the environment?

Green Living Ideas

Reduce Sponsored Posts e-cigarettes environment health The nicotine patch helps some. Breaking routines helps others. s annual $11.5 Health.

Tissues And Our Forests

Green Living Tips

What we blow our noses into can impact negatively on the environment. articles & guides family personal careDo the tissues you use contribute to the destruction of old growth forests?

What Do The Planet Earth, the Human Brain and Schumann Resonance.

The Alien Next Door

By replicating the Earths natural rhythm, we may be providing ourselves (at least in our immediate vicinity) with a healthier natural environment.

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How Genuine Is the Arab World About the Environment?

Green Prophet

dov epstein said on Make Greener Children With A Patch of Dirt : A great article, and reflects what we. Dubai is a case in point. um, really?

Veganism & the Environment: By the Numbers. {Infographic.

Elephant Journal

Get 10 free articles a week: subscribe free to our Best of the Week newsletter. Veganism & the Environment: By the Numbers. Video.

Green Office Week Calls on UK Businesses to Champion the Environment

Green (Living) Review

Full Disclosure Statement: The GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW received no compensation for any component of this article. The top green bugbears 1.

Toxic TVs: Is the digital switchover damaging the environment?

Green (Living) Review

Pollution of the environment by toxic waste looks set to rise in the rush to replace analogue sets with their digital-ready counterparts Discarded televisions contain hazardous materials, including mercury and lead, which must be carefully managed to prevent contamination of the ecosystem. million tonnes in 2005 to an enormous 12.3

What Altruism in Animals can Teach Us About Ourselves

The Alien Next Door

See my article on microbiologist Lynn Margulis , who explored a nontraditional paradigm based on cooperation. The Vervet monkey is one example.

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Leading landscape and environment experts at Bristol University for unique event to share ideas and research

Green (Living) Review

SOME of the UK’s leading experts in ecology, landscaping and the environment will be guest speakers at a ground-breaking one-day workshop at the University of Bristol on July 18. They will be tackling issues including pollinating insects, environment change, sustainable landscapes and low maintenance grasses.

Privately Run Medicare Plans are Really Expensive | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

Environment. 18, 2013 9:20 PM PST Tweet Austin Frakt draws my attention today to a new article about the administrative costs of Medicare.

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The lead article in the March J. of Econ. Lit. is about envirodevonomics (envirodevonomics?)

Environmental Economics

We review the literature on each explanation and discuss how the framework applies to climate change, which is perhaps the most important issue at the intersection of environment and development economics. And here 't'is: Greenstone, Michael, and B. Kelsey Jack. 2015. "Envirodevonomics: DOI: 10.1257/jel.53.1.5. Abstract.

Israel and Palestine: The Place of Politics In The Mideast’s Environment

Green Prophet

The reader will most probably still believe what they believed when they started reading the article. I understand all that.


Green (Living) Review

Seven inspirational environment projects are battling it out to be named the UK’s favourite National Lottery funded environment project.

Environment Secretary to give GM speech

Green (Living) Review

" Source: Friends of the Earth Trust Full Disclosure Statement: The GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW received no compensation for any component of this article "Despite decades of research, there are still no miracle crops to tackle the challenges agriculture faces, such as climate change, soil degradation, water shortages and growing demand.

Murdered because they wanted to protect the environment

Green Blog

The Heartland Institute, part of the anti-science/anti-environment agenda, recently outraged many by putting up ads in which environmental activists were compared with the Unabomber. ” This article was first published in People’s World on May 23, 2011. ” Among the recent deceased who sought progressive change include: Rev.

Environmental Economics: uFollow

Environmental Economics

Once you create an account you can add authors, sources, and channels to the stream of articles that you receive. Tradeable permits? blog).

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The AER is 100 years old?

Environmental Economics

Got a question about environmental economics? Why do economists like benefit-cost analysis? Tradeable permits? Has it been working out? blog).

2010 11

Top 10 Green Blog articles from 2011

Green Blog

Here's the top 10 articles on Green Blog from 2011. Our second most-read article had a more educational approach and instead tried to explained the term "e-waste" – something the author seems to have succeeded with quite well considering it's position here. Quick Read environment Google greenbloglink].

How Consumers Impact Their Retail Environment

Green Earth Journey

People want green. "In In a recession, consumer buying habits become even more discretionary," said Gary Barker, Ditto CEO. Oprah’s appeal is broad.

Egypt and Morocco’s Equator Prize Winners Preserves Environment through Tradition

Green Prophet

The Medicinal Plants Association in Egypt helps preserve biodiversity and is o ne of the 25 winners of the Equator Prize 2012.

Local Action to Protect the Environment across the Kyocera Group

Green (Living) Review

This event is part of a reforestation program by the city in support of the Philippine Environment Month celebrated in June.

The Changing Environment: Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Green (Living) Review

Full Disclosure Statement: The GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW received no compensation for any component of this article.

Solar Energy: Benefit the Environment and Save Money

Hug a Tree with Me

By harnessing the suns natural power you can preserve our environment. How does solar energy work? Are solar panels easy to maintain?

Economics of the Environment (new edition)

Environmental Economics

Rob Stavins: The Sixth Edition of Economics of the Environment: Selected Readings has just been published by W.   Through five previous editions, Economics of the Environment has served as a valuable supplement to environmental economics texts and as a stand-alone book of original readings in the field of environmental economics. 

Welsh Environment Minister opens recycled wood shop

Green (Living) Review

Environment Minister, John Griffiths, has helped open a shop in Newport selling goods made from recycled wood. Full Disclosure Statement: The GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW received no compensation for any component of this article. Items for sale in the shop range form coasters and picture frames to bespoke garden furniture.

Productivity Stifled by Companies Overlooking the Environment

Green (Living) Review

A staggering 60% of office workers say they are influenced on whether to apply for a job or not by a company’s environmental credentials, meaning companies who don’t take the environment seriously may be missing out on top working talent. With this in mind, there’s never been a better time for change.”

Today in America TV Announces Eye on the Environment Series

Green (Living) Review

The cable show takes a thorough look at these alarming issues in a new eye on environment series.

Local MP visits award-winning environment-friendly recycler

Green (Living) Review

Full Disclosure Statement: The GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW received no compensation for any component of this article.


Green (Living) Review

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