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Progress in Alternative Power, From National to Global Views

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Wind and solar will remain above grid parity, in terms of consumer costs, well into the middle of this century. Increased attention and resources are.

Sustainable Alternatives to Petroleum Based Products

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And, the concern has inspired the search for cleaner and renewable alternatives. Sustainable Alternatives. Petroleum Based Products.

Healthier Alternatives to Condiments and Additives

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Below is a round up of a few healthier alternatives. You can color your sweets and pastries naturally with derivatives of fruits and vegetables.

Top 4 Eco-friendly Feminine Care Alternatives

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green up your body eco friendly healthy alternative Menstruation Tampon Their products are also packaged in recyclable materials.

Alternative Tweets: A Mindfulness Practice in the Age of the Orange Menace.

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Soylent, An Alternative To Food

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Heeding my own advice not to eat in front of the computer , I set a place at the table and fetched a plate of fresh Parmesan-scrambled eggs. It was.

Nina Munteanu Discusses The Last Summoner at Alternative Grounds

The Alien Next Door

Alternative Grounds Coffee House and Roastery is a community-based business,” says Linda Burnside, owner. “We Normal. false. false. false.

Will Israeli cars roll on alternatives by 2025?

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More articles on alternative energy concepts in Israel. With hanging Skypod’s in the wing, here’s the plan.

Augmented Reality Projected on Mosque, Fireworks Alternative

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Is augmented reality projections the new fireworks of the Middle East? We hope so. In Jaffa, Israel the Arabs there shoot off fireworks instead.

Sankalpa: a Powerful Alternative to New Year’s Resolutions.

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Finding our core Sankalpa will help us to live out our life’s purpose. But it takes time and patience to find it. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Health & Wellness Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) determination new year resolutions resolve sankalpa self sabotage

Feminist Goddess Offers Alternative 4 Letter Word for Men.

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In response to: A 4 Letter Word to Give Our Male Lover…And it Takes a Brave Woman to Say It.

Nina Munteanu Reads The Last Summoner at Alternative Grounds

The Alien Next Door

The Last Summoner Poland Alternative Grounds Toronto Roncesvalles Avenue historical fantasy book event nina munteanu prussia book reading

Healthier Alternatives to Table Sugar

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Luckily though, we do not have to search very hard to find healthy alternatives to sugar and sucrose splattered foods.

14 Alternative Reasons to Smile on the 14th of February.

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Arts & Culture Funny Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) history lists reasons to smile Valentine''s Day valentine''s day alternatives

Pee power may be best alternative energy bet yet

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Finding a viable alternative energy source to create low cost bio energy may be closer than we think. The use of urine as a.

Demystifying Alternative Therapy—5 Therapies that Changed my Life.

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Health & Wellness Meditation Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) alternative healing alternative therapies aura balance chakra balance crystal healing energy worker hypnotherapy kinesiology Life Alignment prana healing

Looking for Sustainable Alternatives for Endangered Word

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Seeking Sustainable Alternatives? Sorry folks, but nothing on this earth is sustainable, even words. Peak oil came and went in 2008. from O.Fr.

Eco Wave Power Alternative Energy Source

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The use of alternative energy is imperative if we wish to slow down and reverse the environmental damage caused by traditional fuel sources.

Hate Mothballs? Here are Some Eco Alternatives!

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When searching for alternatives to mothballs, many people forget that there are beautiful and eco-friendly options that they may have overlooked at first. Herbs, pomanders and potpourri sachets - With some of Mother Nature’s favorite herbs and spices, you can make a variety of attractive anti-moth alternatives. Lavender. Cloves.

Eco Craft Supplies Alternatives Shopping Guide

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Second to preaching Eco, I am a crafter. I am a maker of jewelry, paper crafts, artwork, bags, toiletries and more.

Banish Barbie with These 6 Body-Positive Doll Alternatives

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So what are our alternatives? The post Banish Barbie with These 6 Body-Positive Doll Alternatives appeared first on Eco-Chick. M I X I S.

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Ultimate Guide to Vegan Cheese Alternatives

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organic, raw, soy-free & gluten-free - delicious parmesan alternative - great on salads, soups, and pasta. And in all the best ways. Parma!

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“There is no alternative” Andrew Winston on green economics

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There he shared with an audience of true believers his view on the importance of sustainability in business and why in the long run really there is no alternative. In dealing with climate change, dealing with biodiversity loss, dealing with waste, there is no alternative. There is no alternative, right? Who made it? You know?

Underwater City Alternative to Floating Islands?

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An underground underwater city and water complex idea an alternative to floating islands? billion to complete.

Ditch Etsy for CIRQY, the Middle Eastern Alternative

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We love Etsy as much as anyone, but we also feel it is our duty to support local efforts to collate cool design , handmade arts and crafts.

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Alternative Treatments for Children

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Herbal remedies and alternative treatments that are safe and effective for children. alternative medicine green living health In the U.S.,

Starbuggs? Coffee Giant Chooses Bug Colorant Over Really Gross Alternative

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The good news for coffee drinkers is that Starbucks is turning to natural food colorings. al since 1999. Udderly Creepy? Human Milk From a Cow?

Eco-Friendly FreshX - the fresh alternative to 'flushable' wipes

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Oliver Turner from Water UK says: “We are pleased to see innovative products coming through as an alternative to flushable labelled wipes.

Lead-Free Lipstick: Why You Should Nix Maybelline and L’Oreal, Plus Healthy Alternatives

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Here are better alternatives for your lips (just in case you decide to throw away that long-lasting, lead lipstick of yours.)

Well Wishing: an Alternative to Jealousy During the Holidays.

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Health & Wellness Inspiring (Wow) Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) alternative change christmas gratitude happiness holidays jealous jealousy life pain sadness spirituality Well WishingFrankly, I struggled to.

Vegan Taste Test: Five Alternative Holiday Centerpiece Dishes


Read More The post Vegan Taste Test: Five Alternative Holiday Centerpiece Dishes appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Save the Planet in 3 Simple Steps: A Common-Sense Mom’s Guide to Sustainability.

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This stuff isn’t just for hippies anymore. It’s becoming mainstream, and it needs to be.

Sweet Options for a Diabetic: Alternatives to Artificial Sweeteners

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Question: Being diabetic, I need to avoid sugar, but artificial sweeteners are, well, too artificial. QandA vegan sugar sugar-free health

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Alternatives To Aerial Spraying

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Alternatives may be on the horizon. Many communities use aerial spraying to tackle widespread insect problems.

Population or Environmental Food Crisis, Part 6: Alternative agriculture

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Despite this recent progress for alternative agriculture practices, the skepticism against organic farming is still strong. Of this only 0.9

Quick Self-Care for Busy People—Ayurveda Style.

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So no matter how busy we are, one of the most important self-care practices is to eat.

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Greening Up an Old House.

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Old houses are a mixed blessing, though. Drafty windows, inefficient insulation, and so many other factors make conscious living to.

A Pain Doctor’s Revelation: Why Pills & Procedures Won’t Fix Chronic Pain.

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Before I did my pain specialty training, I had never recommended (or personally tried) "alternative" therapies, because that's not what I was taught in medical school.or. Health & Wellness Yoga Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today Z ADMIN Yoga Featured Today acupuncture alternative medicine hydrocodone opioid oxycodone pain ted talk tedx tal

Airbnb helps its community travel greener

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Green Travel News Airbnb green alternative lodging

A Few Healthier Alternatives to Table Sugar

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Carbohydrates are found in healthier alternatives such as whole grains, fruits and veg. I am talking about raw unrefined honey.