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Can Traditional Agriculture Restore the Reef?

Nature Conservancy - Science

To restore the reef on Oʻahu, a local community and their conservation partners are turning to what may seem an unlikely tactic: agriculture.

Global Agriculture Trends: Are We Actually Using Less Land?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Slash and burn agriculture. The environmental news about the natural habitat being converted to agriculture has been pretty grim. 2008).

Wild Pollinator Habitat Benefits Agriculture

Nature Conservancy - Science

However, the benefits of native pollinators in agriculture are clear. Department of Agriculture. The Study. We used U.S. Crop. % Squash.

Scaling-Up Agricultural Planning for Conservation in the Brazilian Cerrado

Nature Conservancy - Science

Climate-Smart Agriculture: Integrating Adaptation and Mitigation in the Tropics. Ideas Agriculture Grasslands ResearchRelated Articles.

Designing Agricultural Watersheds with Science and Community Engagement

Nature Conservancy - Science

Scaling-Up Agricultural Planning for Conservation in the Brazilian Cerrado. Agricultural watershed workshop. Related Articles. Hausheer.

Interested in urban agriculture?

Green (Living) Review

The study involved visits to over 80 organizations and institutions across the regions visited, and interviews with more than 150 people.'' C) 2015.

Climate-Smart Agriculture: Integrating Adaptation and Mitigation in the Tropics

Nature Conservancy - Science

At the same time, funders recognize the potential for tropical agricultural lands to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Chacón, M.,

Can Technology Get Agriculture Out of its Climate Hole?

Conservancy Talk

We’ll be living in a world where climate change bites just as agricultural demand spikes. How Bad? well, you get the not-so-pretty picture.

Adventures in Sustainable Agriculture–Guatemala | Wend Magazine.

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Israeli Business Boosts Agriculture in Kenya

Green Prophet

Today, he has returned to Kenya as a private businessman with food and agriculture on the agenda.

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Egypt’s Urban Agriculture Movement is Growing!

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Can urban agriculture save Cairo? More on Cairo, Egypt, and Agriculture: What Rooftop Gardening Could do for the Middle East.

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New Green Roofed School in Kuwait Will Promote Hands on Agricultural Learning

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Kuwait used to have a strong agricultural movement, which this new school will hopefully help to revive.

Living crop wall to showcase Israel’s agricultural genius at the 2015 Milan Expo

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Israelis are renowned not only for their clean tech innovation , but also smart, savvy and water-efficient agriculture.

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Drip Irrigation’s Compostable Plastic Pipes for Sustainable Agriculture

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But when it does hit the market it has the potential to revolutionize sustainable agriculture. Today, about 40 percent of water used in agricultural irrigation is wasted because of unsustainable practices. Drip irrigation has proven to be among the most feasible, water conserving methods for commercial agriculture.

Biochar in horticulture and agriculture

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Even when it comes to gardening (and agriculture) old is new and often this old is made out to be absolutely new and revolutionary. The only thing that is “new” about it is its potential to revolutionize agriculture around the globe as well as for removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Farmville in the real world as Israel puts Agritech’s IT into agriculture

Green Prophet

The group is led by Amots Hetzroni of the Agricultural Research Organization Volcani Center. Image of ipad at the farm from Shutterstock.

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US supports hydroponics to revitalize Mideast food, water and security

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Growing crops without soil, otherwise known as hydroponic agriculture , is not a recent innovation. Click here to view the embedded video.

7 Agricultural Solutions That Will Save the Middle East

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Many residents in Gaza have experienced have embraced one of the largest growing urban agricultural solutions. Groasis Waterboxx Trees.

7 Agricultural Solutions That Increase Resilience Amidst Era of Uncertainty

Green Prophet

Many residents in Gaza have experienced have embraced one of the largest growing urban agricultural solutions. Groasis Waterboxx Trees.

Saudi Agriculture To Be Hit Hard by Climate Change

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Desalination has not been the answer for the country’s agriculture efforts, however. Saudi Takes a Chunk of Nile Water to Feed Its Cows.

Zionists Group Seeks Agricultural Homestead Where Jesus Traveled

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Calling themselves “Israeli idealists,&# the Zionist group seeks to redeem and manage agricultural land in the North West Galilee.

Willie Nelson Next Inductee into the Agricultural Hall of Fame


Because of his accomplishments with the organization he will be the next inductee into the Agricultural Hall of Fame.

Chicago’s urban farming produces fresh veggies all year, 24/7

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More articles on urban agriculture projects: Grow fresh food in the middle of Manhattan? Egypt’s urban agriculture movement is growing!

Agricultural Reality Stars

Green (Living) Review

In the United States, media is being used to familiarize the public with agriculture and food production. agriculture farming green living


Green (Living) Review

According to a white Paper that summarizes and discusses three research papers that investigate organic agriculture hotspots in the U.S.

How Agriculture Worsens Climate Change

Eco Friendly Daily

The role that agriculture plays in water and soil pollution has been identified by the U.S. MtCO2e (33.1 Reasons for the Problem.

Khalifa hydroponic farm’s paying off

Green Prophet

As spring turns into summer, the Khalifa fund’s investment in Abu Dhabi hydroponic agriculture is beginning to pay off.

Disrupting Bacterial “Communication”: A New Idea for Sustainable Agriculture

Nature Conservancy - Science

Some bacterial species are agricultural pests, and currently they are controlled with copper derivatives and antibiotics 8. References. link].

Population or Environmental Food Crisis, Part 6: Alternative agriculture

Green Blog

Despite this recent progress for alternative agriculture practices, the skepticism against organic farming is still strong. Of this only 0.9

Morgan Freeman on the ‘Tyranny of Agriculture’ and the Doomed Human Race


The 76-year-old, Read More The post Morgan Freeman on the ‘Tyranny of Agriculture’ and the Doomed Human Race appeared first on Ecorazzi. National treasure Morgan Freeman has some grim thoughts on the future of the human race – and why in the end, Mother Nature will have the last word.

Agriculture 2.0 envisions sustainable vertical farming for cities


Sonia Renthlei: Lack of living and agricultural space has forced humans to think out of the box. Agriculture 2.0 Agriculture 2.0

From Davos: This Idea Could Transform Global Food Systems

Conservancy Talk

Yet most agricultural soils have lost an estimated 50% to 70% of their original organic carbon levels. Mark R. Of course not.

Interest in 'community supported agriculture' grows

Green (Living) Review

community supported agriculture CSA growing food"We try to pay them back dollar for dollar in vegetables. Read more here.


Green (Living) Review

Dr Weatherhead’s presentation, The Role of Big Society in Agricultural Water Resource Management and Climate Change Adaptation, will demonstrate how agricultural water allocation has been run successfully in many countries through religious structures, village committees or farmer groups. For more information, go to [link].

Climate Smart Agriculture

The Green Changemakers

This site is your gateway to implementing climate-smart agriculture. THE BASICS What is climate-smart agriculture? How is it different?

The name of our department is Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics, and this story has them all.

Environmental Economics

This looks like they are sending up the benefit/cost bat signal: Four Nigerian farmers and the environmental group Friends of the Earth took oil giant Shell to court Thursday in the Netherlands to demand a proper cleanup and compensation for pollution in the Niger Delta. Based on "years of oil. The three villages. to Friends of the Earth.

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Martian technology on Earth in trillion-dollar opportunity

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It’s called “distributed agriculture” on Wall Street, or Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) by many of those in the business.

Turkey’s First “Slow City” Promotes Local Agriculture, Slow Food Movement

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Agriculture is the economic foundation of Seferihisar. Government pressure to homogenize crops. The tasty side of slow food.

Sundrop Farms grows tomatoes with seawater

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It’s a bet worth betting as we see the rise in agricultural crops in Australia and the world.

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Weird Nature: Is “Ugly” Produce the Next Big Thing at the Farmers’ Market?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Agriculture Plants Weird Nature farmer''s market jon fisher organic agriculture sustainable agriculture weird nature