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Jivamukti Yoga—2 Deeply Nurturing Teacher Training Programs that Enlighten Us. {Partner}

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MENA Will Need 120 Gigawatts of Energy by 2017, Masdar Expert Warns

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2017 25

Total Solar Eclipse To Cover American Skies in 2017


On August Read More The post Total Solar Eclipse To Cover American Skies in 2017 appeared first on Ecorazzi. If you like in the United States, mark your calendars for two years from now because the sky will be putting on quite the show on that day. Events News Science Top News

Nolcha Shows Ethical Fashion at New York Fashion Week S/S 2017

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The post Nolcha Shows Ethical Fashion at New York Fashion Week S/S 2017 appeared first on Eco-Chick. Made in the USA from recyclable  materials.

Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis 2017 Annual Conference

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Conference and Meeting: March 16-17, 2017. Pre-conference Professional Development Workshops: March 15, 2017. The Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis (SBCA) is accepting abstracts and workshop proposals for participation in our 2017 annual conference on Improving the Theory and Practice of Benefit-Cost Analysis.

Honda gives itself room to delay FCV hydrogen car until June 2017

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Curated from Honda gives itself room to delay FCV #hydrogen car until June 2017. It’s the same timing that we discussed in LA.”

More than half of Britain’s smokers will have switched to e-cigs by 2017

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In fact, one major retail chain reports that nine per cent of all its smoking sales are now electronic.” Lites (

Maldives Will Become World’s Largest Marine Reserve


All 1,192 islands of the Maldives will be part of the world's largest marine reserve by the year 2017. Read More. Animals Causes Environment News Top News

2017 14

Hybrids and EVs to Surpass 3% of Auto Sales by 2017

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Hybrid electric vehicles and EVs combined will represent 3.1% of worldwide auto sales by 2017, according to a new report from Pike Research. These kind of cars will account for 5.1% of total US vehicle sales in 2017, due to higher penetration rates in the country, the report, “Electric Vehicle Market Forecasts”, said.

Health-conscious travelers near half of U.S. market

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| Green Travel News | Health-conscious travelers now make up more than 40 percent of the U.S. market is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

Hilton Hotels to Serve Only Cage-Free Eggs


Starting in 2017 Hilton Hotels around the world will be serving only cage free eggs and gestation crate-free pork. The move is part of Hilton Worldwide’s new global responsible sourcing Read More The post Hilton Hotels to Serve Only Cage-Free Eggs appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes Eats Environment News Top News

2017 10

Refugee architecture earns an exhibit in a NYC museum

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“Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter” will be on view starting until January 22, 2017.  “How Should We Live?

Israeli solar power plant to generate electricity day and night

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Brenmiller Energy expects that the project will be completed in early 2017. Solar energy is a pretty hot topic right now.

This Climate Change Graph is super-fun and informative until the last Inch…then it gets Sad.

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Share Join: Elephant’s Winter 2017 Academy. “Excellent work. It’s rare to see 100 years summed up so succinctly; 1900. Share.

2017 11

Watch: The Dalai Lama reveals his Donald Trump impression.

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953 shares Share Join: Elephant’s Winter 2017 Academy. This is fun, but serious. 19 Shares. 74 views. hot on elephant. 1,075 share Share.

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Rochester could get a vegan, self-sustaining school


WHEC Rochester reports that the Rochester River School is looking to open in the fall of 2017, with an entire curriculum centred on “humane education.”

2017 16

Byblos, Lebanon is best Arabian city to visit this year

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What will the Arab Tourism Capital of 2017 be? Since about 5,000 BCE, people have been walking the streets of this city.

If you don’t yet care about Prisons, just Watch This (it’s Funny)

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Share Join: Elephant’s Winter 2017 Academy. And, heartbreaking, at moments. But most of all, it’s humanizing. hot on elephant.

Life is Precious & Fleeting.

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931 shares Share Join: Elephant’s Winter 2017 Academy. I have a deeply cavernous internal closet of coping mechanisms. We all have one.

2017 20

Call for Applications: NatureNet Science Fellows

Nature Conservancy - Science

The Nature Conservancy is seeking early career scientists and engineers for the 2017 cohort of NatureNet Science Fellows. Tweet this quote.

Tesla teases with insanity: get shocked by this electric car!

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Its $120,000 price tag is also insane,  but the company plans to introduce more affordable versions in 2017 priced around $40,000.

2017 25

Interview with Simon Rose

The Alien Next Door

Flashback has two sequels coming out in 2017, one in the spring and the third installment in the summer. Where can people buy Future Imperfect?

2016 39

Kuwait Prepares for the End of Oil

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Kuwait has the best solar irradiation along the Arabian Peninsula, which means they are well poised to bring solar energy on board. Image via KISR.

Canada vs. the USA on Oil Train Standards

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The upshot is that according to the proposed rule in the US, trains with of 20 or more tank cars of Bakken crude oil or ethanol will not be able to use DOT-111s after October 1, 2017. In Canada, by contrast, legacy DOT-111s will not be allowed for ethanol or crude oil after May 1, 2017, according the proposed rule by Transport Canada.

US unveils historic plan to cut carbon emissions with 30 percent by 2030

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But the plan might not come into effect until 2017 or 2018 – long after Obama has left office. so far to curb the effects of climate change.

Obama 31

Waste not want not: Sweden to give tax breaks for repairs

Green (Living) Review

Sweden has cut its annual emissions of carbon dioxide by 23% since 1990 and already generates more than half of its electricity from renewable sources.

2017 11

The Thin Green Line Is Stopping Coal and Oil in Their Tracks

Sightline Daily

The plans called for a terminal with the capacity to export 48 million tons of coal per year, with operations commencing in 2017. Oil Pipelines.

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4 Quotes that Helped me Discover my Calling.

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1,007 share Share Join: Elephant’s Winter 2017 Academy. Do you know the official term for the type of image that you see above? Lewis.

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Millennials don’t matter. Right?

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shares Share Join: Elephant’s Winter 2017 Academy. It’s time to bring the conversation back to *issues* and demand real change. Shares.

Bernie Sanders has a reminder for Protest Voters: it’s not about her, or him—it’s about Us, and our Country.

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Share Join: Elephant’s Winter 2017 Academy. Stop voting personalities. Start voting issues. Then, mobilize the day after Hillary wins.

Obvious Rainwater-Harvester Idea Wins Phillips Livable Cities Award

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Except, for Sana’a, the end of water is expected in as soon as in six years, in 2017. Related stories: Waterless by 2017?

Yemen 15

France’s new ban on plastic throwaways should be extended globally

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In 2017, two years after the initiative was first raised, Israel passed a law that halted free issue of plastic bags at all large supermarket chains.

India Embraces Solar Power Claiming Price Will Equal Thermal Power in 5 Years


Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Joint Secretary Tarun Kapoor said, "The prices will come down further next year and will continue to fall.

We're hiring

Environmental Economics

Full Text of JOE Listing: The Department of Economics at Appalachian State University invites applications for one tenure-track, nine-month position at the assistant, associate or full professor rank beginning August 2017. Here is the JOE ad : Appalachian State University. Economics. Full, Associate or Assistant Professor.

9/11 is not a day of Hate.

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Share Join: Elephant’s Winter 2017 Academy. If we all want Peace on Earth, we must begin in our everyday life. We are not terrorists.

World’s best eatery NOMA reborn as an urban farm

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This man on a radical new mission had led a popular restaurant four times voted the best eatery in the world. So why fix what isn’t broken?

2017 15

Leadership Makes a Difference on Climate – Especially This Week

Conservancy Talk

China’s Commitment President Xi announced today a national cap-and-trade program that will begin in 2017, providing the world some good news and momentum ahead of December’s United Nations climate summit in Paris. We need collaboration across all sectors and cooperation among people with different views. The list goes on. Onward.

A Power Snack with a name as Fierce as it makes you Feel: TigerNuts. {Review + Recipe}

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913 shares Share Join: Elephant’s Winter 2017 Academy. A photo posted by ecofolks (@ecofolks) on Aug 26, 2016 at 12:39pm PDT. brain fog.

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America’s growing love affair with the most wasteful thing to drink there is

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And that number is only going to go up: By 2017, the average American is expected to drink almost 300 bottles annually. Read more here.

Abu Dhabi Dump to Power 100 MW Green Energy Incinerator

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About half of Abu Dhabi’s trash will ‘burn’ into green electricity in new $850 million power plant. Image via serdal.