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An ECO Christmas

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But artificial trees are non-renewable, non-recyclable and non-biodegradable plastic. Hmmmmm. The Christmas Tree Debate: Real or Fake?

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It also provides an easy way to reuse paper that has already been printed on one side before recycling it. From the site Saving money today, trees tomorrow GreenPrint eliminates wasteful pages in any printout automatically, saving you time and money, and maybe more importantly, saving trees, reducing greenhouse gasses, and decreasing waste.

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Product Review - ECOGLUE

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I love this glue! used to use E6000 until I went to buy some more and saw ECOGLUE hanging nearby. decided to give it a try. Labels: Product Review.

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Bisphenol A is not Not Recycleable

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Plastic containers Plastic containers with the recycling #7 on the bottom. Recycling centers cannot recycle plastic #7. Reducing exposure to BPA To reduce exposure to Bisphenol, NIEHS suggests : Don't microwave polycarbonate plastic food containers. Avoid plastic containers with the #7 on the bottom. Eat fresh or frozen foods.


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Tags: recycled washer shoes inner tube tires environment upcycled eco green carboard

Chucka Stone Designs

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We started out back then simply with recycling and she became a vegetarian when I was pretty young. What inspires you? little of both.

Holiday Photo Cards with ReProduct

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Once it comes back to the company they will recycle the cards and envelopes to make Shaw carpets! Welcome to "A World Without Waste".

gnomeclothes and TheStandingTree

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My kids have enjoyed the fun prints and they are more aware of the impact of their actions when it comes to reducing, recycling and reusing.


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I'm always 'brainstorming' with my husband to come up with new items that we can make using the recycled computer circuit boards! love Etsy!

Want to Go Green in the Afterlife?

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The idea of using recycled paper that would otherwise be discarded. Perfect for use in greenfield sites. This was the task.

Uncorked and Polarity

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Why did you decide to make ECO friendly products? Music is very inspiring to me and I always have it on in my studio. Is this a job for you or a hobby?

Unhappy with review

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have not received a product wrapped in newspaper before, but hey, it's recycling right? Good idea, right? So they pass on that front. Wrong.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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Explore green design features for your building, like passive solar heating, a rainwater catchment or grey water recycling system, and recycled materials. Choose furnishings that are second-hand, recycled, or sustainably produced. Recycle all your paper, glass, aluminum, and plastic. Avoid allowing your car to idle.

Amazing Art Sculptures Made From Recycled Clothing

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“The Ocean is the Underlying Basis for Every Wave” (2008). Flesh of My Flesh” (2008). Why second-hand clothing items? Grasp” (2005).

Recycle or Compos? Plastic Products

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Recycle or Compost? When to Recycle. The best way to discard plastic is to recycle it. The recyclability of plastics depends on the type of resin used in production, which is indicated by the resin identification code found on plastic products (the familiar interlocking arrows around a number 1-7). Plastic Products.

Jordan’s eco park helps the country go green!

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The park opened to the public in 2008. Travel beehives conservation dam eco park EcoPeace Jordan nature recycling Sharhabil trails Ziglab dam

Compost your organic waste

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Composting is a way to recycle yard and food wastes back into the soil. Add more carbon materials: dead leaves, non-recyclable paper, or straw.


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In more familiar terms, it is very much in line with efforts to promote the “3Rs”: to reduce waste, reuse finite resources, and recycle what we can.

A Sustainable City! China Enters the Age of Sustainable Urban Design

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China's rapid transformation period is enabling amazing break-throughs. By Kathleen Hom & Eric Schneider, PNYV! USA China is in a unique position.

Rewilding Canada Through Vertical Farming

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Karl Schroede r November 10, 2008 5:00 AM [link] Rewilding Canada was written by Karl Schroeder in July 2007. useful. In the article, C. We can.

One Planet Living

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Clearly, the situation in different countries will vary. Offset carbon emissions from air travel and perhaps car travel.

Green Homes Sprouting Across US in 2008

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In Pasadena, California work will begin the Ecohouse, the first LEED Platinum family home in the area. Environment

The New Values of the 21st Century Citizen

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Reduce, Recycle, Reuse I knew people who had lived through the Great Depression when I was young. We will need to work together differently.

Back to Basics: Food, Clothing, Shelter

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This diagram shows Maslow's hierarchy of needs, represented as a pyramid with the more primitive, survival needs at the bottom. image from wikipedia.

Is water the new oil?It's the world's most precious commodity, yet many of us take it for granted. But that's all about to change. Special report by

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It's the world's most precious commodity, yet many of us take it for granted. But that's all about to change. But it's getting harder. We're Americans!"'

15 Future Wonders of Green Technology

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Written by Urbanist on July 8th, 2008 As the world increasingly focuses on sustainable initiatives, green architecture is a booming industry.

Living Wealth: Better Than Money

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[link] by David Korten If there is to be a human future, we must bring ourselves into balanced relationship with one another and the Earth. Magazine.

Solving Global Warming the ‘Organic’ Way

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Maybe now is the time to make ours the 4R’s: ‘Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-Retrofit ‘. want someone to step in, and say stop.

Greening the Desert

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Illustration by Cecilia Macaulay Recycling of nutrients and energy in nature is a function of many species. link] What is Permaculture?

Mitigation strategies for Peak oil

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Reuse and recycle. [link] Peak Oil represents a unique challenge and unlike 1973, peaking won't be brief but permanent. Know thy neighbours.

Masdar City Will Be World's First Zero-Carbon, Zero-Waste, Car-free City

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Landscaping within the city and crops grown outside the city will be irrigated with grey (recycled household) water and treated waste water.

13 Best Energy Ideas (And 3 Really Bad Ones) :: by Sarah van Gelder

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MAGAZINE GRAPHIC, 2008. Recycling. Also: Germany and Japan require some cars, appliances, and office equipment to be recyclable.

Make a difference!

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Help us to make a difference. With every pledge you join thousands of others who are committing to small steps to help bring about change.

Save the world

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Recycle. The old adage “reduce, reuse, recycle” still works very well today. Plant a tree in your yard or start a garden. Buy organic.

How to Become a Composting Guru

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[link] With more municipalities going to curbside recycling, running a compost heap isn’t just for the crunchy set anymore. companion to the popular recycling and repurposing site Recycle This , Compost This is the brainchild of Louisa Parry and John Leach. Tags: Composting Waste-management Recycling sample: Cardboard.

Sustainable Procurement of Wood and Paper-based Products

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Recycled fiber Has recycled fiber been used appropriately? Tags: Research Paper Recycling Forest Well-managed forests provide numerous ecosystem services and societal benefits. The production of forest products can, however, cause significant negative side effects if not conducted in a legal and sustainable basis.

Towards a Golden Age? A Wisdom based Global Economy

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[link] London, UK - 23rd May 2008, 11:03 GMT Dear ATCA Open & Philanthropia Friends [Please note that the views presented by individual contributors are not necessarily representative of the views of ATCA, which is neutral. Tags: Technology Environment Sustainable-development Economics Waste-management Recycling Eco-design

Green Wiki

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683 articles since March 2008 Environmental Issues Global Warming Carbon Footprint Emissions Problems Environmental Economics Legislation and Policy See more. Sustainable Living Recycling Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Spotting Greenwashing Conserving Water See more. Please join us!

Green Government Initiative Publications

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[link] Green Government Initiative Launched in 2007, the NACo Green Government Initiative provides comprehensive resources for local governments on all things green, including energy, air quality, transportation, water quality, land use, purchasing and recycling. Presentations from the 2008 NACo Annual Conference in Kansas City.

Start a low-waste holiday tradition

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November 2008 Dear Living Green 365 readers, What do you do during Thanksgiving break? Review tips for gatherings in the July 2008 newsletter. Buy products that are easy to recycle, repair, and reuse. My family's tradition is to take a hike and a family photo on Thanksgiving afternoon. Traditions are wonderful.