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IEA says World Crude Oil Production Peaked in 2006


According to the IEA the crude oil production in the world has already peaked in 2006. Australia's Broadcasting Corporation's Catalyst program had a peek at Peak Oil and made some fairly stark discoveries. Existing fields are declining sharply. Worse, we need to find the equivalent of four new Saudi Arabias !

Another successful conference presentation (i.e., I didn't poop my pants) #IIFET2016

Environmental Economics

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Who Killed the Electric Car (2006)

The Green Changemakers

And destroyed the US auto industry in the process? See the Film for Free Here! link] Link: [link] "In 1996, electric cars began to appear on roads all over California. They were quiet and fast, produced no exhaust and ran without gasoline.Ten years later, these cars were destroyed." Part 1: Part 2: Tags: Technology Documentary Energy

Review of 2006


The year ended with the market research group Mintel publishing a report saying: "2006 has proved to be a tipping point for the eco-warrior, as environmental issues and greener lifestyles have gone mainstream," So what has triggered this sea change? We also got a tangible symbol of climate change this year - the Polar Bear.

Why we should Practice Effectiveness First, Efficiency Second.

Elephant Journal

On April 6th, 2006 my father passed away from cancer. Although I had been emotionally prepping for this doomsday, I still. Health & Wellness Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) advice core vision effectiveness efficiency goals health

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March 23rd is National Puppy Day


Founded in 2006 by author and animal behaviorist, Colleen Paige, National Puppy Day celebrates the unconditional love and joy puppies bring into our lives. Read More. Animals Causes News Top News colleen paige

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What is the National Bird of Aruba?

10,000 Birds

Burrowing Owls also gained greater recognition after a 2006 film, “ Hoot ,” was released. Many of us picture owls in the sky, silently soaring, or perched atop tree branches or light poles as they sleep or keep an eye out for prey. Unlike many other owl species, the male and the female are the same size. Birding

Join Cyclists Nationwide in the Panjshir Bike Tour this Saturday

Wend Magazine

Galpin founded M2M in Colorado in 2006 when she became a mother and started thinking of her own daughter’s growth and future. Between 2006 and 2010, she traveled frequently to Afghanistan to train and encourage women on how to cultivate stronger communities and build the next generation. Click here to view the embedded video.

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Honduras?Land of Love & Peace? ~ Richard Phares | elephant.

Elephant Journal

Since the rule of Mel Zelaya , who became president of Honduras on January 27 2006, the number of senseless gruesome killings has multiplied.

Hot-Desking Dehumanizes Work Place

The Alien Next Door

Anonymous to even her own overseer—she is just a number to him—Kathryn pines for a sense of place, identity, recognition and purpose. Or is it?

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Green Home Improvement - Insulation pt 2


If you live in an old house like us, it's really worth having a poke about the nooks and crannies.

A (laundry) load of (eco)balls


I bought this set of eco-balls months ago, but it took a while to build up enough courage to try them. And by jove it works!

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Green Home Improvement - Paints


We used the multi-award winning Ecos paints. Pros: - NO solvents (VOCs) which cause local air pollution and health problems. - No toxic materials.

Earthships Vid


If you want to learn more about the Earthship , check out this video. It cuts off rather suddenly, but the second part can be seen here.

Winter is coming.


sometime soon. I don't think I've ever seen leaves on the trees in mid-November before, but I assume the temperatures will drop in the coming days.

Green Home Improvement - Insulation


It is so benign you can hug it. Only one problem. Unfortunately I don't think the taxman will allow me to write it off as 'training materials'.

The igmony of being slated by British Gas!


I got my report back this weekend and they absolutely crucified me - an E on a rating of A to G. insufficient insulation (top up on order) iii.

Ali G(reen)


Earthship Ahoy!


Fortunately the Environment Agency looked fondly on the project and gave the developers a waiver. Composting toilets are stationed outside.

Green Home Improvement Tip No.4


Windows & Doors When we bought our house, it was completely single glazed and leaked heat like nobody's business. They were a bunch of cowboys, and, b.

The Art of Climate Change


In a recent e-mail from Creative Concern I saw this image from the anti-consumerist magazine Adbusters.

A Nation of Energy Wasters


The UK has come bottom of a survey of the energy saving habits of European consumers - see the BBC coverage here. units per day.

New Toys for the Eco-Boy


Yesterday I got two new toys in the post from the Centre for Alternative Technology. This cost about £80.

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Strike a Light


Today I was at a Carbon Trust training session on energy management. Don't bother with cheap IKEA CFLs tho. -

Review: Sam Smith's Organic Ale & Lager


The ale is less distinctive, but smooth and enjoyable. I would recommend both and it is great that they are organic and (relatively) local.

Green Home Improvement Tip No.3


Use materials with a high recycled content. Using materials with a high recycled content is one way of reducing this impact.

Biodiesel: The answer to transport emissions?


Biodiesel is diesel fuel made from vegetable oils rather than crude oil. Try here for your nearest biodiesel supplier. We still need to drive less

Feeling smug.


cos we holidayed in the UK this year - for once - and it was fantastic.

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Green Home Improvement Tip No.2


They were four times as expensive as standard brick, but only a bit more expensive than 'aged' new bricks, and they look much nicer than either. terms.

Can We Grow Safe Produce and Conserve Nature at the Same Time?

Nature Conservancy - Science

In 2006, an E. After the 2006 outbreak, spinach sales plummeted and the salad greens industry lost US$350 million. salad greens.

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Celebrating Five Years of Ecorazzi (ebook)


Ecorazzi started on a whim in August 2006. We’ve still got a few more months of being 5 years old. Here’s a little something we put together to celebrate our Read More. Entertainment Internet News Top News

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Zaha Hadid’s Immense Galaxy SOHO Complex Takes LEED Silver

Green Prophet

We’ve learned a lot since 2006. And it has achieved LEED Silver from the U.S. Really, it’s like the facade is moving.

Global Agriculture Trends: Are We Actually Using Less Land?

Nature Conservancy - Science

2006). 2006). 2006). 2006). © Bridget Besaw. By Jon Fisher, spatial scientist. Slash and burn agriculture. 2013). ?

Did You Have A Green Christmas?


On reflection, mine wasn't bad from an eco-living point of view (much better than the telly anyway). - We had an almost totally organic and local Christmas dinner, with the turkey coming from a farm 25 miles away, the veg from our organic box scheme and the goodies from our local organic shop. It's not as if we have a shortage of fir trees, is it?

The grass is greener on the eco-friendly side of the fence


The Energy Savings Trust have reported that eco-friendly Britons are more likely to experience a general sense of happiness and wellbeing, according to research from Imperial College London. I'm not sure that the publicity around Bab Haddrill's overland pilgrimage to Australia for a friend's wedding was the best message for the wider public.

Eco-products: What makes a product green?


Do you ever find yourself wondering whether a product is 'green' or not? Do you ever think you're being conned by 'green wash'? Fear not, here's a very simple guide, or the start of one anyway. Basically there are two different ways a product can be green: 1. It requires/uses less stuff*. It is made of/uses 'better' stuff.

Revenge of the SUV


You'd think they could read - not long after I posted my ' death of the SUV ' blog, a Landrover Discovery wrote off my push bike and left me somewhat battered and bruised on the tarmac. This could get personal

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Hastings: Puppet or Muppet?


I've been passed some background information (thanks David!) You really have to be careful what you believe, don't you? Looks like the whole "PR front/think tank with misleading name" thing is hitting these shores. Apparently REF's chair is Mr 'cosmic positivity' himself, Noel Edmunds. Glad to see they've got a real expert in charge

Personal Carbon Trading


Here in the UK, the Government has just published a 41 page report on personal carbon trading. This is the idea that everyone gets a carbon allowance and if you produce more carbon than that, then you have to buy credits off someone who hasn't. Your credits would probably be stored on a card which you would use to pay your fuel bills.

S(h)UV off!


More good news. According to The Times , The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders have announced that "sales of new 4x4s fell by more than 15 per cent last month compared with November 2005, and have fallen in every month this year except March. Sales in the year to date are down 6 per cent compared with growth of 4 per cent last year.