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Put an extra $2000 in your pocket in 2015 by Going Green

Living Green & Saving Energy

If you are finding that times are tough and you could use some extra money, let me show you how to give yourself a $2000 raise in 2015—and every year after that. Green News Build Wealth By Going Green go green save money wealthy green living I have spent years researching and […].

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Jordan’s eco park helps the country go green!

Green Prophet

Nestled in the hills and landscape of north-western Jordan, lies a green oasis with an eco-minded philosophy: Sharhabil Bin Hassneh EcoPark (SHE.).

Big Milestone Reached – 2000 Articles

Eco Friendly Daily

We’re happy to announce that we have no reached the 2000 article mark at AboutMyPlanet. It has taken two and a half years and we’re proud that we’ve been able to deliver high quality green news to all of you. Green News

IPCC: Climate efforts not sufficient, huge increase in green energy required to avert climate disaster

Green Blog

Between 2000 and 2010, average global emissions rose by 2.2 But the direct opposite is currently happening. 3%, the IPCC report concludes.


Asian Americans’ Green Values

Sightline Daily

So, while polling data are still fairly spotty, evidence is mounting that most Asian Americans hold particularly strong green values. Only 12.2

Going Green the Hizbullah Way

Green Prophet

Hizbollah is going green with an eco-jihad as a tactic of war against Israel. Always extol the green Lebanon. Green as a tactic of war.

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12 Uber Simple Steps to Green Your Life in 2012

Green Prophet

Step in for this wonderful list of 12 easy ways to green your 2012. image via maliny. image via kevinrosseel. Recycling. According to the U.S.

Something Green – Muslim Couples Required to Plant Trees Before Marriage

Green Prophet

Here at Green Prophet, we are eager to promote all things green in love and marriage. As well as a green guide to Valentine’s Day (not long now!), we have published ou r top tips for a green Muslim wedding. million hectres of forest every year between 2000 and 2005. 7 Ways to Green Your Wedding Day.

Progress in Alternative Power, From National to Global Views

Green Home Blog

Filed under: Politically Green Tagged: ENERGY EFFICIENT , solar energy. Politically Green ENERGY EFFICIENT solar energyIn the U.S.

New Year’s Resolution #7 – Reduce Your Chlorine Use

Green Home Blog

You can help keep perc out of the environment and your home by avoiding traditional dry cleaners, although you should be cautious when choosing a green dry cleaner: many use a chemical called DF 2000, which, while not a chlorinated compound, is still a toxic petrochemical. So what makes it such a damaging pollutant? Goals for 2012.

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Green Lebanon braces for summer drought = short showers

Green Prophet

Comair describes a plan from 2000 to build 27 dams and artificial lakes that has languished unimplemented. Syrian refugees compound crisis.

Breathing New Life Into Cities

Conservancy Talk

In just 35 years, it’s estimated that 6 billion people , the equivalent of the world’s entire population in the year 2000, will live in cities. Resilient A combination of traditional gray and natural green infrastructure can mitigate some of cities’ biggest challenges such as urban heat, poor air quality and stormwater management.

Back from BlogHer with Fresh Ideas to Stay Green

The Green Samaritan

There were over 2000 in attendance so it was very hard to meet everyone but those I did connect with will be lasting. More on that later.

Has Ford´s Ambassador – The Green Sheikh – Been Cloned?

Green Prophet

Ford has appointed The Green Sheikh (right) as the Ambassador to their generous environmental grants program.

Debunking Some Green Myths

Green Home Blog

Debunking Some Green Myths. And not all “green” corporations are as environmentally friendly as they would have you believe. Fortunately, corporations have shareholders, and shareholders have more clout than they were led to believe in the fat years between 2000 and the recent recession. Not all “natural” products are natural.

Wow-alicious green gifts upcycled by Ex Libris Anonymous

Green Prophet

Ex Libris Anonymous has been building handmade journals since 2000. but its heart is all about sustainability. shredded textbooks.

Yemen’s “Manhattan of the Desert” Boasts 400 Habitable Clay Towers

Green Prophet

If you have lost faith in earth architecture, take note: Yemen’s Manhattan of the desert boasts 400 habitable clay towers!

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Nature Deficit Disorder may Shorten our Lifespan.

Elephant Journal

They evaluated more than 108,000 women all across America between the years 2000 and 2008. Researchers at the Harvard T.H.

North Shore Kauai Bike Path: Connecting Communities, Promoting Healthy Living, Preserving the Environment

Conservation Hawaii

Construction of Kauai’s bike paths began more recently, in 2000. Environment Living Green SustainabilityThe notion of a bike path is not new to Hawaii. In fact, the state has had a Bike Plan since 1977. And now, after three years of planning, the North Shore of Kauai will finally be getting a bike path of their own. In [.].

Israeli Cyclists From All Over the Country Marked Green Transportation Week

Green Prophet

“The dress code,” said Alek Mintz of Tel Aviv Roller, “[was] green.” Jerusalem Post. Image via: Or Hiltch.

Educating About Living and Working Green | Living Green and Saving.

Living Green & Saving Energy

The first was in C & EN, a trade magazine for chemical manufacturers, which described the efforts at universities to establish a green chemistry program. Green chemistry is a sub-field in the chemical industry where job growth is likely, as companies set up formal departments dedicated to creating more sustainable operations.

America No ‘A-Team’ For Jordan’s Green Future

Green Prophet

America joins Jordan in a celebration of green, but Laura’s not sold on the deal. . Good press in all that. Jobs are good.

Keep Our Environment Clean

Green Home Blog

That’s why Greenhome asks you to live green by reducing pollution. Seven species have been declared extinct since 2000 – the Vietnamese rhinoceros, the Christmas Island pipistrelle, the Chinese paddlefish, the Yangtze River dolphin, the Vine Raiatea tree snail, the Pyrenean ibex, and the Po’l-uli (a bird previously found in Hawaii).

China buys Israel’s largest food producer putting Zionists on edge

Green Prophet

Sensational food production issues in Israel are covered by Green Prophet. private equity house Apax.

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When green jobs are negative

Environmental Economics

  I hope that readers of this blog know not to take that 2000 job estimate too seriously. This is a special day. It is not very often I get to check the solid waste category box: lawmakers in Sacramento are trying to make California the first state to approve a blanket ban on this most ubiquitous of consumer products. Washington, D.C.,

Innovation: Drone Mapping of Coral Reefs and the Coastal Zone

Nature Conservancy - Science

Impressed by his knowledge, I challenged him to design a drone on a $2000 budget. A quadcopter drone flies over a red mangrove forest.

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A Lung Scan for the Planet: A New Global Forest Change Interactive Map

Nature Conservancy - Science

The map was created by using Google’s massive computing power to analyze NASA satellite images collected between 2000 and 2012. Reference. [1]

See how Asia’s Aral Sea shrinks before our very eyes in these time lapse photos

Green Prophet

By 2000 the Aral Sea was already only a fraction of its 1960 levels. Aral Sea in 2000: By 2001, the southern connection had been severed.

Jordan’s Environmentalists Seek Seat at Government Table

Green Prophet

Climate Health Transportation Anti-nuclear movement environmental awareness Green Party

Linear actuators on solar trackers and what this all means!

Green Prophet

These are actuators that are quite strong as they can handle forces estimated at 2000 lbs. Green Tech and Gadgets Solar Energy

Hydroponic Farms Sustain Urban Gazans

Green Prophet

2000 families have received DIY food-gardening systems via the Cooperative Housing Foundation, a U.S. But we have no land now,” he says. “Now,

Five Low-Cost Tips for Cutting Your Electric Bill

Living Green & Saving Energy

I even have a new book out that lays out a seen living plan to save $2000 or more this year and every year afterward: Build Wealth by Going Green. easy green living tip energy efficient lighting green home audit green living saving energy saving money going green and save money how to go green and save money save energy save money

Magnificent Kale: A Profile plus A Recipe Roundup

Hug a Tree with Me

Green Smoothie via Enjoying this Journey. Super Green and Greek Yogurt Chips via Crafty Garden Mama. Enjoy the recipes below!

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Educating About Living and Working Green: Get Them While They Are.

Living Green & Saving Energy

The first was in C & EN, a trade magazine for chemical manufacturers, which described the efforts at universities to establish a green chemistry program. Green chemistry is a sub-field in the chemical industry where job growth is likely, as companies set up formal departments dedicated to creating more sustainable operations.

Rooftop garden blooms for Bethlehem refugees

Green Prophet

It’s not the first time we reported on Refutrees , but they project has been blooming over the past year. Images from Refutrees website.

The Green Buzz: Wednesday, March 20

Conservancy Talk

89 elephants have been slaughtered in Chad (and ivory passed $2000 a kilogram on Asia’s black market). On our radar this morning: more bad news for elephants. Aljazeera ). John Kerry pushes for an Antarctic Ocean Reserve in what he calls a “living laboratory.” ” ( National Geographic ). The New York Times ). Grist ).

Solutions for Cities – From Nature

Conservancy Talk

June 20 was the official first day of summer – but as Texans, we’d be forgiven for not realizing it. Laura J.

Green Mountain Energy Company Donates $20,000 Solar Array to Habitat for Humanity Rice Centennial House

Green (Living) Review

Green Mountain’s donation of a solar array adds another element of sustainability to this environmentally-friendly home. “We That equals 3.6

Rocket Fuel In Infant Formula

Green Earth Journey

Marianna from Green Mamas Pad reposted this and I feel is important to repost as well. powdered formula market in 2000. No this is not a joke. We were planning on using powder formula for Willow, we will NOT be now. And we need to buy a new sink filter. What - and where - is perchlorate? What you can do? What are your thoughts

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Simple Ways to Save Energy in your Household

Living Green & Saving Energy

It’s said that the average household in the US wastes up to 86 percent of its energy and spends around $2000 a year on bills. how to go green saving energy saving money going green and save money save energy save money Just by making small, barely noticeable changes to […].