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IPCC: Climate efforts not sufficient, huge increase in green energy required to avert climate disaster

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Between 2000 and 2010, average global emissions rose by 2.2 But the direct opposite is currently happening. 3%, the IPCC report concludes.


Reuse and Reduce

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recycling rate has risen every year, from 10% in 1980 to 16% in 1990 to 29% in 2000 and now 34% in 2010. Reuse and Reduce! Did you know?

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12 Uber Simple Steps to Green Your Life in 2012

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Step in for this wonderful list of 12 easy ways to green your 2012. image via maliny. image via kevinrosseel. Recycling. According to the U.S.

Why manchineel might be Earth's most dangerous tree

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That''s because this rare tropical plant, which offers deceptively sweet fruit, is one of the most poisonous trees on Earth.

Yemen’s “Manhattan of the Desert” Boasts 400 Habitable Clay Towers

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If you have lost faith in earth architecture, take note: Yemen’s Manhattan of the desert boasts 400 habitable clay towers!

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Gaza’s Only Five Star Hotel Was Built With Adobe Bricks

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Currently based in Amman, Abdelhamid recently talked to Brownbook about the hotel that was built in 2000.

See how Asia’s Aral Sea shrinks before our very eyes in these time lapse photos

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By 2000 the Aral Sea was already only a fraction of its 1960 levels. Aral Sea in 2000: By 2001, the southern connection had been severed.

YES! Earth Charter Curricular Module

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stories are paired with the four major principles of the Earth Charter, and include supplemental curricular materials. To view the YES!

Linear actuators on solar trackers and what this all means!

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Ideally, the sun moves from East to West, which is associated with the rotation of the Earth. Green Tech and Gadgets Solar Energy

Green Mountain Energy Company Donates $20,000 Solar Array to Habitat for Humanity Rice Centennial House

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Green Mountain’s donation of a solar array adds another element of sustainability to this environmentally-friendly home. “We That equals 3.6

SolView’s targeting solar energy rooftop potential on a massive scale

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“The key issue of SolView is our ability to automatically identify the solar potential of rooftops,” Sadka tells Green Prophet.

The Penguins of Boulders Beach

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African penguins at Boulder Beach, South Africa. Photo: Matt Miller/TNC. By Matt Miller, senior science writer. Penguins, penguins, everywhere.

Nestle’s Easter Eggs Attempt to Hatch a Green Easter

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And companies around the world are doing their bit to green the occasion. Environment Green News Nestle is going eco-friendly.

Puma Takes Off On a Run with a Green Push

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Puma has started off with its green push just in time for Earth Day. Environment Green News It is behind U.S. Image: Smeerch.

Scientists say the ozone layer is recovering

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From 2000 to 2013, ozone levels climbed 4 percent in the key mid-northern latitudes at about 30 miles up, said NASA scientist Paul A. Newman.

Making a green revolution

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Friedman’s “Hot, Flat and Crowded—Why We Need a Green Revolution and How it Can Renew America,” Michael Brune’s “Coming Clean—Breaking America’s Addiction to Oil and Coal,” and Van Jones’ “The Green Collar Economy—How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems.” Tags: Sustainable-development Economics Green market place.

Going Green: 12 Simple Steps for 2012

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Here are 12 simple steps to go green in 2012: (1) Recycle Recycling programs exist in cities and towns across the United States, helping to save energy and protect the environment. Yet global meat production has experienced a 20 percent growth rate since 2000 to meet the per capita increase of meat consumption of about 42 kilograms.

Call B for Birder or Waterfowling East Anglia

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The park itself is a narrow green strip winding down the river valleys. Along the A149 towards the Hickling Heath, I’ve noticed large clods of earth remained after plowing and was about to say to B. Sitting in the car and scanning the 2000 birds strong flock… Such a perfect moment. At local Internet forums, my friend Dr B.

MENA Is Changing Drastically & NASA Has The Pictures To Prove It

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Iran’s Lake Oroumeih (also spelled Urmia) is the largest lake in the Middle East and the third largest saltwater lake on Earth.


The Arab World Is Changing Drastically & NASA Has The Pictures To Prove It

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Iran’s Lake Oroumeih (also spelled Urmia) is the largest lake in the Middle East and the third largest saltwater lake on Earth. Climate


12 Sierra Club Bloggers to Watch in 2013: Part I - Compass

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Sarah began her grassroots organizing career in 1993 with Green Corps, serving as Recruitment Director for the group from 1996 - 2000.

Cleaning Up the Toxins in Your Home

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Drop your smelly cleaning supplies and vow to go green. Cleaning Up the Toxins in Your Home. Biokleen Glass Cleaner. Also consider baking soda.

Toward Green Resilience: Eco-effective Design and Climate Change Adaptation in Vietnam

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The green of the spring rice paddies, so vibrant it seems alive, disappears in a cloud of gray dust and red metal roofs. 2000). Balance.

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Australian PM Julia Gillard’s appalling record of climate change inaction

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In Australian Federal politics the Liberal Party-National Party Coalition Opposition and the Labor Government (aka the Lib-Labs) have the same official climate change policy of a derisory 5% off Australia’s 2000 domestic GHG pollution by 2020 and unlimited GHG pollution through coal and gas exports. Livestock and climate change.

Sustainable Kitchen Décor: Recycled Countertops and Tiles, Natural Fiber Rugs

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Going green in the kitchen means so much more than mixing in a few additional Spring Mix salads and adding a couple extra Granny Smith apples.

Shoot Your Shampoo

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The brand, Aveeno is marketed as natural and earth-friendly. But, I’m done with my brand name shampoo. I was hoodwinked.

It Isn’t Just a Playground Anymore

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At that point, the greening of Detroit will be literal instead of figurative. It Isn’t Just a Playground Anymore. All that from a tiny seed.

Hawaii’s Plastic Beach

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remove();});}; // ]]> Tagged: compostables , composting , green living , green travel , less waste , recycled plastic. Kamilo Beach.

When Technology Fails – Book Review

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Mat Stein is an environmentalist, bestselling author, MIT trained engineer, and green builder. When Technology Fails” covers the gamut.

Interview With Abu Dhabi's Most Innovative Design Couple

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They talked with Green Prophet about their vision. A good estimate is that they will have the capacity to power between 200 and 2000 homes.

Shocking analysis by country of years left to zero emissions

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By the middle of the 21st century a maximum of approximately 750 Gt CO2 (billion metric tons) may be released into the Earth’s atmosphere if the guard rail is to be adhered to with a probability of 67%. tonnes CO2- per person per year in 2000 = 2.8 years left, based on the 2000 data. tonnes CO2 per person. Thus for Australia 72.1

Does the Cannes Film Festival recycle cans?

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What exactly makes a movie “green” ? Cities Cannes Film Festival carbon neutral green film making

International day for biological diversity

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On the UN International Day for Biological Diversity, The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) calls for a greater awareness of the threats to marine biodiversity as without life in the ocean there would be no life on Earth. The greatest diversity of life on Earth is actually in the sea.

Is it cost effective to go solar?

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Solar is all about the green, and I’m not referring to that warm fuzzy earth day feeling either. I’m talking about the universal green – money. If solar didn’t make financial sense, no-one would invest into it. We’ve all read about rising energy costs, government solar subsidies, and cheaper solar technology.

Livable Communities through Urban Forestry

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Being in green places among trees also protects emotional well-being in young and old [16]. By Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard, Ph.D.(Arch.),

Consumed with Consumption

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He laments that on this score, even “green” lawmakers want to “have their cake and eat it too.” And he’s not messing around. Bowerman et al.


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KYOCERA Mita (KYOCERA) , one of the world's leading document solutions companies, is urging UK businesses to get involved in sustainability this month and participate in Climate Week (12-18th March) and Earth Hour. The business benefits of going green reach far beyond altruistic motives. Ranked no.

Dithering on climate action means bigger emissions cuts needed - new research

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Countries across the globe will need to make much bigger cuts in emissions than previously thought, because of a lack of progress in international efforts to tackle climate change, a new report by Friends of the Earth warns. Global emissions between 2000 and 2010 were 400 GtCO2e. per cent per year.

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

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One of the good parts of the crisis was to go back to the oxen," said Miguel Coyula, a community development specialist, "Not only do they save fuel, they do not compact the soil the way the tractor does, and the legs of the oxen churn the earth." "The Before the Cuban Revolution in 1959, there was one doctor for every 2000 people.

Have Breakfast with the Birds

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A shortage of caterpillars, drought that bakes the earth so that worms are inaccessible. From us,” says Bill Oddie – who has worked with Haith’s since 2000. Full Disclosure Statement: The GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW received no compensation for any component of this article. Bird Breakfast. Haith’s Limited Edition Olympeck! Get set!