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The Smell of Napalm in the Morning

10,000 Birds

Photo: This area holds 3 to 4 breeding pairs of White-tailed Eagles , which represents the biggest density per square mile anywhere in the country.

2016 79

Urban birding at its best

10,000 Birds

The rain had plans of its own and now, 36 hours later, it is still going strong. However, I am a stubborn person.

2016 64

Do you count gulls? But how?!?

10,000 Birds

Cover photo: Yellow-legged (left), Caspian Gull (right) – Courtesy of  cro-ringing.blogspot.com. How to count tens of thousands of birds that are all white below and grey above? Gulls are harder to tell apart. If I focus on individual birds, I can, but then I am missing the big picture. But how? What is your approach?

2015 94

My Top 12 Wildlife Watching Moments

10,000 Birds

Today is the United Nations World Wildlife Day, a time to celebrate and raise awareness of the living world around us. remember, several times while motionlessly surveying birds, I found myself being investigated by Striped Field Mice , who would dare to come to sniff me. My first ever Balkan Egyptian Vultures! 10000birds.com/the-300-survivors.htm.

How Many Birders Are There, Really?

10,000 Birds

Jason A. Crotty is a birder and lawyer living in Portland, Oregon. Jason’s first contribution to 10,000 Birds tackled the importance of the National Wildlife Refuge System. How many birders are there in America? As it turns out, there are very few estimates. Indeed, there appears to be just one. In 2013, the U.S. That’s a lot of birding.

2016 73

A Marvelous Marsh Hawk

10,000 Birds

Most birders in the northern hemisphere are familiar with the Marsh Hawk , an expected denizen of marshes, tundra, and grasslands across a huge swathe of the globe. Though movement is not the only way the harrier finds its prey: its owl-like facial disc allows for pretty precise pinpointing of prey by sound. Northern Harrier coming in for a landing.

2015 80

The slaughter tourism trade in Serbia

10,000 Birds

Twenty years ago, flocks consisting of a thousand European Turtle Doves were a common sight in Serbia in spring. Ten years ago, those flocks were reduced to a few hundred birds. Nowadays, the flocks are even smaller, merely a few dozen birds. As we speak, in Serbia these birds are still hunted in August and September. Left: David Lindo, a.k.a.

How to create an IBA and get a permanent headache in five easy steps

10,000 Birds

First: Dream about it. As a teenager in Yugoslavia, I used to buy National Geographic in secondhand bookshops. Fascinated with New York’s Jamaica Bay, I started dreaming about creating a similar wetland reserve on the Danube inside Belgrade, the area I explored by kayak. Here it goes: Second: Get to know your birds.

2016 59

How I dipped the Horned Grebe

10,000 Birds

…or, how critical are you in twitch or dip situations? Here is one example. To those unfamiliar with the Old World geography, this means that these grebes breed way north from the banks of the Danube, where I reside, and overwinter by the coasts, away from land-locked Serbia. As a consequence, this species is only a rare vagrant in Serbia.

2015 74

Big Whoop, Indeed: Whooping Cranes in Louisiana!

10,000 Birds

In the fight against extinction, score one—actually, make that two—for  Whooping Cranes. For the first time in 75 years, a pair has successfully nested in Louisiana , producing not one but two fuzzy, wild-born chicks. With the bird’s total population hovering roughly 600, every new addition counts—and counts big. Warning: cute baby alert!).

Only for Dogs and Birders – Kalamas Delta, Greece

10,000 Birds

“The estuary and the delta of the River Kalamas form the most important wetland of northwest Greece”, so the “ Birding in Greece ” guidebook claims for the area where I am heading, a bit late since I overslept this morning. Yet, beside a few Little and one Great Egret , a raft of Eurasian Coots , no birds. The lagoon of Vatatsa. The Grey Plover.

Prespa Lakes National Park, Greece: the largest Dalmatian Pelican colony in the world

10,000 Birds

The other day I was exploring a new area for the first time, birding the national park that I’ve watched only in BBC documentaries, the place famous for the largest Dalmatian Pelican colony in the world – more than 1300 pairs! Have you heard of it? Can you pinpoint it on a map? Coming from the northeast, there are two tarmac roads leading there.

Better Birding: A Book Review (& a New Year’s goal)

10,000 Birds

New Year’s resolutions from birding friends are starting to trickle in as I write this review. It is the last day of 2015, time to select the bird of the year past and set goals for the bright open future, when everything is new again. Maybe this is the year I should simply resolve to be a better birder. Armistead and Brian L. Sullivan.  Sullivan.

Blue Jays On the Move

10,000 Birds

Many aspects of fall migration are not calculated to appeal to a bone-idle birder such as myself. The warblers are confusing.

Saint Michael’s Summer

10,000 Birds

Following some bird call, I walk across the hanging deck bridge. Little by little, that woodpecker-like voice takes me ever further and yet, I see no bird. Finally, I sit on the bench by the Lazareva (Lazarus) River, in a limestone canyon sprinkled with all the colours of Saint Michael’s Summer. The Common Firecrest, (c) Goran Gligorijevic.

2015 62

Mountain Plover at the Shore

10,000 Birds

North Carolina is perhaps unfortunate to have a lot of such places. Or if not the vehicle, you’re willing to walk a lot. The hours rolled past.

2016 54

Greater White-fronted Goose in Queens

10,000 Birds

Back on Friday, 12 February, I was dismayed when I read the weekly New York City Rare Bird Alert email. Oh well. So be it. searched Meadow Lake.

Roseate Spoonbill Platalea ajaja

10,000 Birds

An unmistakable and improbable-looking bird. Pete Dunne. You can never get enough spoonbill! Goodwin Waterfowl Management Area. Look at all that pink!

2015 72

Playback or Birding in the Dark

10,000 Birds

It is a cold night in early March and the young moon barely visible through the thick branches of the oak forest. Two of us are sitting in a car parked by the side of the road, all four indicators blinking just in case of some drunk driver. portable speaker is placed on the top of the car, playing Tawny Owl calls from a smartphone.

2016 49

Vermilion Flycatcher in Colusa County California

10,000 Birds

The  Vermilion Flycatcher ( Pyrocephalus rubinus ) is usually found near the US – Mexican border but we were fortunate this year to find an adult male in northern California! With his fiery red head and flaming vermilion breast he was not hard to find. Photo of female (below) by Gary L. Clark, courtesy Wikipedia Commons.

Rosefinches, Griffons and Woodcocks

10,000 Birds

Early morning finds me driving southeast through spruce forests, mountain meadows, pastures and an occasional potato field, across Mt. Zlatar in western Serbia, heading towards the town of Sjenica and, behind it, the bridge on the River Vapa. As we go lower, from glorious sunshine, we enter the morning fog. Are we going to bird in the fog? There!!

2015 65

Migration and More: A Bird News Update

10,000 Birds

With fall migration well underway everywhere, it’s a good time to see what’s flying in bird news. Prothonotary Warblers  (like the dapper bird above captured for posterity by Corey) should carry frequent-flier cards—a recent Audubon-led study found that one geolocator-toting individual racked up more than 5,000 miles in eight months.

A Marbled Godwit Foraging Near Seal Rock San Francisco

10,000 Birds

The Marbled Godwit ( Limosa fedoa ) in the photo above, shown landing at Fort De Soto County Park in Pinellas County, Florida, is used with permission from my friend Mia McPherson of On The Wing Photography fame. It’s nice to have friends that are excellent wildlife photographers. Click on photos for full sized images.

Dusty, Dry Forest Birding in Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

Tis the dry season in Costa Rica and on this side of the mountains, we are under the direct rule of the glaring sun. walk outside and move from shadow to shade, keeping to the edges of walls and houses. If there were more trees in the Central Valley, the walks would be more leisurely, and, I dare say, with a bit more moisture in the air.

The Ross Sea – the Last Intact Marine Ecosystem on Earth – and I

10,000 Birds

“Below the 40th latitude there is no law; below the 50th no god; below the 60th no common sense and below the 70th no intelligence whatsoever.” (“Antarctica” by Kim Stanley Robinson, 1998). Right: Robert McCormick, by Stephen Pearce. Enough History – Back to the Future. Finally – the Seabirds. Photos (3) © Oceanwide Expeditions. Now you know.

How Fast Can A Roadrunner Run?

10,000 Birds

According to Mark Lockwood’s Basic Texas Birds: A Field Guide , with or without Wile. E. Shocking, no? Meep-Meep! … a.

2011 128

Birds at Rockaway Beach

10,000 Birds

I spent the early morning hours the last two days on the beach in the eastern Rockaways, taking advantage of slanted light and cooperative birds. Please forgive and indulge me by checking out this photo-heavy post. think it’ll be worth your while. It literally tossed it in the air several times as it tried to separate the meat from the shell.

Achoo! Antarctic Penguins Are Catching Bird Flu

10,000 Birds

The news that bird flu is spreading to Antarctica isn’t quite as dire as you might expect.

The Brown and Peruvian Pelicans

10,000 Birds

The Brown Pelican and the Peruvian Pelican are closely related and once were considered the same species. They are indeed very similar in all plumage stages, but the Peruvian Pelican is nearly twice as big as its northern counterpart. Brown Pelicans in non-breeding plumage. Photo: Lance and Erin (Creative Commons – Flickr). Birds

Peru 56

A Terek Sandpiper flagged in Japan visits Australia

10,000 Birds

I had only just written about the observation of a Little Tern flagged in Taiwan last week when another flagged bird from overseas placed itself in our path! This time we were walking the beach near the port in Broome where we regularly encounter large flocks of shorebirds at this time of year. The metal band was placed on the right tarsus.

Red-necked Phalarope on the East Pond of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

10,000 Birds

Yes, I was staring at – and taking pictures of – the rump of a shorebird and liking it. Birding is weird like that.). Much better, no?

Paperbark Flycatcher

10,000 Birds

In the Kimberley area of Australia we have a smaller sub species of the Restless Flycatcher  known as the Paperbark Flycatcher. Paperbark Flycatcher.

2016 28

Caspian Gull: The continental gull

10,000 Birds

The world is still turning, the blog didn’t crash, no anonymous threats against my family on social media … I guess my small series on gulls may continue with part 2 of 3, which will focus on the Herring Gull ‘s second side-kick: Caspian Gull Larus cachinnans. You can’t get further away from any ocean than this. And Jackdaws.

2016 47

Northern Hawk Owl in Germany

10,000 Birds

Few things can spell out “winter birding” as poetically as the sighting of a rare northern owl that has more or less unexpectedly found its way to southern, more balmy environs. First, most of Europe’s owl species are breeding in Germany anyway and are better found at other times of the year.

Squacco Heron

10,000 Birds

The Squacco Heron , Ardeola ralloides is an Old World heron, closely related to (and sharing a genus with) the eastern pond-herons.   It shares the common characteristic of white flight feathers which fold away on landing to leave a cryptically coloured bird, well suited to its preferred reedy habitat. Birds heron Squacco Heron

2015 59

A Gathering at Colusa National Wildlife Refuge

10,000 Birds

As I always do on the way home, following a short visit to the San Francisco Bay Area, I take in at least one of the National Wildlife Refuges (NWR) found in the Sacramento Valley. usually stop at the two refuges that have easily accessed auto tour routes, the Sacramento NWR and Colusa NWR. The only scuffles I witnessed were between conspecifics.

Heermann’s Gull: Near Threatened

10,000 Birds

At the Northwest corner of San Francisco is Point Lobos. Just South of Point Lobos is Sutro Baths and the Cliff House Restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The magnificent view from the Cliff House includes the Seal Rocks just offshore. Click on photos for full sized images. You know what one of my favorite things is about bird blogging?

Rufescent Tiger Heron

10,000 Birds

The Rufescent Tiger Heron tigrisoma lineatum , is one of the three species from the Tigrisoma genus of South America. Its common name indicates the rufous head, neck and breast while the latin special element describes the white markings on the throat. marmoratum race. The nominate is found to the north, as far as southern Central America.

2016 48

Red-winged Starlings

10,000 Birds

Starlings have a bad rap. This is perhaps almost entirely due to the Common Starling , a species that is, over much of its range, an introduced pest. Even where Common Starlings are not introduced, their homeland of Europe, they are hardly loved. This is grossly unfair. Starlings and mynas are adaptable, attractive and clever species.

A Brief Guide to Birding Costa Rica in 2016

10,000 Birds

Are you headed to Costa Rica this year? hope so because the birding and biodiversity are fantastic, and the flight time from most places in the USA is less than six hours. In other words, it’s easier to bird than most might think. Expect lots of hummingbird action, Emerald Toucanet , barbets, and more. Emerald Tocuanet. features.